Soho Martini

Soho Martini

There’s a new kid on the block, competing for attention in the soft drinks market. Their name is the Soho Juice Co. At the Soho Juice Co they believe in the cucumber and their signature drink is made predominantly from cucumber before being infused with lemon, lime and mint. The shocking lime green swing top bottle gives you a bit of a clue about the ingredients inside! (Super cute isn’t it?) Now call me crazy but when I hear that list of ingredients I instantly think of gin. Perhaps I just have gin on the brain but to me it’s a match made in heaven.

Soho Juice Co is the new kid on the soft drink block. Made with cucumber. citrus and mint it's a really refreshing drink!

Without gin

On its own, this is one refreshing tipple. Cucumbers are mostly made of water but have a distinctive, earthy taste which comes through in the drink. The lemon and lime give the drink a real zing which livens up your taste buds. The mint is then a cool and calming end note, taking the edge off of the citrus hit. Served with ice, this drink really is perfect for a hot summer’s day.

Check out the Soho Martini made with a cucumber mint and citrus fruit soft drink from the Soho Juice Co

With gin

Now don’t get me wrong, this drink is incredibly tasty and refreshing all on its own, but today I’m sharing a recipe for the Soho Martini. The Soho Martini is a mixture of the Soho Juice Co’s signature juice, dry vermouth and gin. Shaken, not stirred, this is far from the classic martini. But then the Soho Juice Co don’t do “classic”, they are shaking up the soft drinks industry so this cocktail should be unique too.

Cucumber and gin is without a doubt a winning combination. Those of you who know Hendrick’s Gin will also know that it pairs perfectly with cucumber. A fresh slice of the green salad vegetable serving as a garnish. The Soho Martini plays on this pairing with a sprig of mint garnishing the drink instead.

You don’t have to use Hendrick’s though. Although that seems like the most obvious match for the reasons I’ve mentioned above, I’ve also tried this with Monkey 47, Adnams and Bombay Sapphire. It works very well every time, so don’t get hung up on which gin you mix it with. Whatever is in your drinks cupboard will taste just as good.

Regardless of what gin you use, the finish is incredibly smooth and it slips down pretty easily. It’s definitely a summer cocktail, and I can vouch for the fact it makes Wimbledon all the more interesting! If you want to make your own Soho Martini just follow the simple instructions below.

Check out the Soho Martini made with a cucumber mint and citrus fruit soft drink from the Soho Juice Co

The Recipe

Soho Juice Co Martini

Soho Martini

The Soho Martini is a refreshing cocktail perfect for the summer months
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Prep Time 5 mins
Total Time 5 mins
Course Drinks
Cuisine British
Servings 1



  • Add all of the ingredients to your glass and stir.
  • Garnish with a large mint leaf.
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!

Check out the Soho Martini made with a cucumber mint and citrus fruit soft drink from the Soho Juice Co

More martinis

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The Soho Juice co

It’s an incredibly exciting time for the Soho Juice Co as they are just starting out. For now this is the only juice they offer but I promise you it’s well worth a try. I highly doubt you’ve ever tried anything like it.

And, let’s not lie, they’ve got their branding down, the bottle looks awesome on Instagram!
Keep an eye on their website too. It’s still under construction right now but I think we can expect big things from this new company very, very soon.

In the meantime, why not pin this recipe for later, you never know when you might get your hands on a bottle!

Check out the Soho Martini made with a cucumber mint and citrus fruit soft drink from the Soho Juice Co


Soho Juice Co sent me the ingredients to make this cocktail. I was under no obligation to review them either positively or negatively. All thoughts expressed are  my own. I loved them and thought you would too!

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