Fig and Prosciutto Sandwiches with Whipped Cheese and Honey

Fig and Prosciutto Sandwiches with Whipped Cheese and Honey

Fig and Prosciutto are a match made in heaven. The sweet flesh of the fruit with the salty ham and sharp cheese are balanced by a drizzle of honey making this one tasty lunch!

 Open Fig Sandwich with Prosciutto, Whipped Cheese and Honey from Supper in the Suburbs

Fig season is well and truly here – and it is my favourite time of year! As soon as figs start appearing in supermarkets and in the road markets of London I know its time to start getting into hibernation mode by socking up on lots of lovely seasonal produce, filling my freezer with pies and planning for Christmas. OK, so maybe we aren’t quite in Christmas planning mode yet but as long as figs are in the shops I’m going to make the most of them.

I used to commute into Holborn everyday and there’s a fruit and veg seller just outside the tube station which used to sell me the freshest figs for rock bottom prices. Unfortunately now I’m stuck with the local supermarket, but I won’t complain. Figs are one of my favourite fruits so I’ll grab them while I can!

Fig Sandiwch with Whipped Herby Cheese, Prosciutto and Honey from Supper in the Suburbs

The recipe

Figs are an incredibly sweet fruit, high in natural sugars,  so you might think they make fantastic desserts and sweet dishes. Whilst that is true, I love to contrast their natural sweetness with robust salty ham and strong garlicky cheese. The honey is probably a little OTT but the sticky texture makes all the difference.

Fig and Prosciutto Sandwiches with Whipped Cheese and Honey

Celebrate the start of autumn with these fig and prosciutto open sandwiches with whipped cheese and honey. 

Course lunch
Cuisine British
Keyword cheese, ciabatta, fig, honey
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 2 people
Author Emma Walton


  • 2 ciabatta rolls
  • 200 grams herb and garlic soft cheese whipped
  • 100 grams prosciutto
  • 2 large figs
  • 1 tbsp honey


  1. Cut the ciabatta rolls in half lengthways.
  2. Spread the two bottom halves with the soft, whipped cheese.
  3. Next create a layer of the prosciutto.
  4. Slice the figs into even, thin slices and layer over the prosciutto.
  5. Finish by drizzling over the honey and placing the top halves of the ciabatta loaves to top the sandwiches.

As well as tasting delicious, you can’t deny that the plump, squat shape of the fig is very appealing. And that deep luscious purple with flecks of green is a work of art. Well done mother nature, you did good!

I always think that you can tell when something is going to taste amazing just by it’s colour. Heritage tomatoes, beetroot, and carrots for example aren’t just popular because they come in all sorts of vivid colours but because they taste out of this world! Pick the deepest figs which almost look over-saturated and you’re guaranteed to get the tastiest pick of the bunch.

Open Fig Sandwich with Prosciutto, Whipped cheese and Honey

What’s your favourite way to enjoy figs when they are in season?

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