Global Recipes

I love nothing more than exploring new cultures through the food they eat. Some of these recipes have been shared with me by people on my travels, others are my interpretations of food I’ve tried. Hopefully there are plenty of recipes to expire you in my global recipe archive!

Recipes by cuisine

My American recipe archive is inspired by my trips to visit friends in the US.
My trip to China is still one of my favourite holidays ever. These recipes are inspired by that trip.
These Indian recipes undoubtedly have a British “takeaway” feel about them.
I cannot wait until my next trip to Japan. Find recipes for lots of Japanese dishes here.
These recipes are inspired by the Middle East – a huge region that encompasses a wide range of cultures and flavours!
I was born and bred in Britain. Here you’ll find classic British recipes that I’ve been making all my life.
French cuisine is widely regarded as the best. Master these classic French recipes to impress your friends.
Italian food is all about simple, delicious ingredients. Find out more in my Italian recipe archive.
Mexican food isn’t just tacos and margaritas. Check out my Mexican recipes now!
Enjoy a taste of the sun with my Spanish recipes archives covering paella, sangria and more.

There’s more!

The blog doesn’t just cover these particular cuisines: there’s plenty of fusion food as well as German, Greek, Moroccan, Nepalese, Scandinavian and Thai recipes too!