12 Must Have Vegetarian and Vegan Cookbooks

12 Must Have Vegetarian and Vegan Cookbooks

I have a huge cookbook collection. Here I share those vegetarian and vegan cookbooks I couldn’t live without!

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My promise to you

Every single one of these cookbooks can be found on my bookshelf. I have two bookcases in my house, one of which is located between the dining room and the kitchen and it is buckling under the weight of cookbooks. The 12 cookbooks on this page (6 vegetarian and 6 vegan) have been my “go-to” cookbooks for quick lunches, healthy dinners, and luxurious dinner party dishes. They are all worn out and sticky from use. I promise they are worth spending your pennies on.

Let me know if you have any other suggestions in the comments below.

Top 6 vegetarian cookbooks

The Green Kitchen

In this beautiful cookbook you’ll be inspired to eat better by the photography alone.

On Vegetables

This cookbook is a homage to the humble vegetable. It teaches you how to make a single ingredient the star.

A Modern Way to Eat

This is one of the largest vegetarian cookbooks on my shelf: a real tome. With over 200 recipes you won’t get bored of vegetarian cooking!

MOB Veggie

Do you like to dance around the kitchen as you cook? Me too! And this cookbook provides a playlist for every dish! Let’s get cooking, or should that be dancing?

Leon: Fast Vegetarian

Leon are my go-to fast food chain when I’m out and about and I LOVE their cookbooks. The Fast Vegetarian makes it on to this list (and the Fast Vegan is very good too).


Another huge compendium of recipes: this time it’s 150 Asian inspired vegetarian and vegan recipes. I love flicking through the pages and coming up with a spice packed feast for dinner.

Top 6 vegan cookbooks


BOSH have a number of cookbooks on the market but if you buy just one, buy the original. In this cookbook they show you how to make all of your family favourite dishes vegan.

Dirty Vegan

This is vegan junk food at it’s best!

Thug Kitchen

This vegan cookbook is not for the fainthearted but the recipes are f*@!ing delicoous.

Vegan JapanEasy

If you love Japanese cuisine then this is the vegan cookbook for you!


This cookbook is from the people behind Wild Cafe in London. In this book they show you how to make delicious, raw food at home.


Worried about what you’re going to cook on the BBQ now you’re vegan?! There’s no need! This cookbook is packed full of plant based recipes perfect for the summer months.

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