VonShef 1260W Cream Stand Mixer from Domu

VonShef 1260W Cream Stand Mixer from Domu

Domu kindly sent me the VonShef Cream Stand Mixer to review – that being said all opinions are my own and I was not obligated to give a good review! Read on to find out more.

Stand mixers, a bakers best friend?

I’ve been baking for a good 20 years plus. What started out as a Sunday afternoon activity when I was just a small child has now become a full on hobby. I bake at any chance I get and really don’t need any excuse to pull out a mixing bowl and electric whisk.

Given how many cakes (both big and small) that I’ve made in the last 20 years it’s probably a surprise to hear that I haven’t invested in my electric mixer at all.

In fact, until very recently I was using the very same electric whisk from Tescos which costs £9.99 way back in 2009. For the last 8 years that whisk has done me proud. So why would I want to buy a stand mixer?

The rivals…

The only time I’ve ever been slightly tempted to invest in a stand mixer was after attending a workshop with meringue girls back in 2014. They use the much covetted KitchenAid mixers and they really are a dream. There’s so little effort on the bakers part and they make such thick glossy meringues…

The thing is, KitchenAids are bloody expensive. Like, cripplingly so. £400+ is a lot of money to spend on a bit of kit that isn’t used every day. I love baking but not that much so the dream of owning a stand mixer was quickly put on hold. That is until Domu contacted me.

VonShef Cream Stand Mixer with baloon whisk attachment

VonShef Stand Mixers

There are three VonShef stand mixers sold by Domu and you will be pleased to know that neither of them costs £400. In fact, you won’t have to fork out a triple didgit sum at all!

The 1260W model is currently on sale for £74.99 and the slightly less poweful 650W model is priced at £64.99. They also sell a “hand and stand” model for £32.99 which is a 2 in 1 stand mixer and hand mixer for those who aren’t willing to give up control of the whisks just yet.

Oh and did I mention they all come in a range of colours to suit your kitchen?!

As I was sent the 1260W model that is the one I will be passing judgment on in this review.

The unboxing

VonShef are quite a well known brand and so instantly I was put at ease, expecting a relatively well built bit of kit.

When it arrived it was well packaged, came with all the bits it was meant to, including a users manual. Me, being me, decided to scrap that and assembled without reading it. I’m pleased to report back that it was all very intuitive. So far, so good.

As you might expect, the stand mixer is made up of a stand, with an arm that raises and lowers into a bowl below. The bowl can be removed and locked back in to place as required and there are 3 attachments to fit to the arm.

You can effortlessly whisk, mix and knead with the balloon whisk, flat beater and dough hook provided.

VonShef Cream Stand Mixer, flat beater attachment

How it works

Once you have chosen your attachemtn, lowered the arm into the bowl (which should also be locked in place), you simply choose a speed from the dial on the right. These are numbered and get faster the higher up the numbers you go.

The attachment on the arm then spins in the bowl, getting right up against the sides to ensure everything is mixed and nothing is wasted.

The shape of the bowl and the attachments has been cleverely designed to make sure you’re not having to scrape down the sides every few minutes! A big plus from me!

Comparing the VonShef to the KitchenAid I felt the design was much mor intuative. The first time I used the KitchenAid I couldn’t get the hang of lifting the arm, locking it in place and the speed settings are in a rather odd place.

The VonShef on the other hand has all of its features clearly located on the side of the mixer meaning you’re in no doubt which button or nob you need to be flicking or twisting at any one time.

Unexpected bonus features!

It’s funny how the littles things get you excited but there is one extra feature I wasn’t expecting which has really made me pleased…

Underneath the stand mixer are 4 suction cups. These make sure that once the stand mixer is placed on your kitchen counter it isn’t going anywhere! They are really quite powerful and work very well.

If you’re clumsy like me these are a fantastic addition!

VonShef Cream Stand Mixer, flat beater attachment and balloon whisk

Would I buy it?

YES! You might be thinking, that’s easy for me to say when I was given it free, but I love it so much that I have already purchased it to give to another baker in my life. If that’s not a glowing endorsement I don’t know what is!

I’ve also rearranged my kitchen so that the “booze counter” has now become my permanent “baking station”. More on that on the lifestyle section of the blog soon…

At just £74.99 I think this is a fanastic purchase and a real rival to some of the more expensive brands. VonShef have done it again.

Win your own VonShef Stand Mixer in time for Christmas!

Have you got stand mixer envy? Don’t worry, I am running a competition to win a VonShef Stand Mixer over here. Good luck!

Don’t feel lucky? Why not pop it on your Christmas list? I’m sure you’ve been good this year…

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