10 reasons to go glamping off-grid this summer

10 reasons to go glamping off-grid this summer

Take your camping holiday to another level by going glamping off-grid this summer – you won’t regret it.

Time to recharge your batteries

It is no secret that I live a rather busy life. The hours at work are long and I have a lot of responsibilities, friends, family and hobbies which take up every waking moment when I’m not in the office. Friends and family often ask me how I manage to do as much as I do and to be honest I’m not sure I know myself. I do, however, know the consequence of my manic lifestyle – burnout.

I’ve properly burnt out a few times since joining the working world and it is never pretty. It not only takes its toll on me but also on my other half. I’m making a conscious effort this year to change the way I manage my life, the hours I work and how I use my spare time. I’m also hoping that it will mean a few quiet getaways for Jon and I. We look like “city types” on the outside but deep down both of us love to be out in the countryside either on a bike or on a boat (walking not so much…)! When “glamorous camping” (aka glamping) took off a few years ago we knew it was the kind of holiday for us. You get to enjoy the outdoors but still have all the luxuries of a nice hotel. Win-win!

Over a year ago now we had a much needed long weekend in Wales. We were completely off-grid, relying on solar panels to provide our electricity, heating our yurt with a wood burner and enjoying the lack of wifi and mobile signals. If you feel like the modern world has gotten too much then I can’t stress how amazing it is to take just a few days away to recharge your battery (instead of your phone’s!)

Going off-grid might sound scary but there are tonnes of glamp sites that provide luxury yurts, bell tents, shepherds huts and more so that you can have plenty of creature comforts while relaxing in the countryside.

Without further ado, here are my…

10 reasons to go glamping off-grid this summer

Home comforts like a sofa and wood burner are essential in a yurt when glamping off grid

1. Switch off from social media

There have been tonnes of studies which show that social media just doesn’t make us happy. We are constantly viewing the world through our phones and our perceptions of what is normal has become completely skewed. When glamping in the middle of no-where the likelihood is that you won’t have wifi or even mobile phone signal. Some sites do offer it but I can’t stress enough how important it is to me that I am completely uncontactable if I am properly going to rest up and switch off.

I won’t lie, it feels strange initially and you will definitely pick up your phone expecting to see an old uni friend posting pictures of herself on a swing in the sea off the coast of some tiny Island, you’ll look at your work phone expecting 20 emails on tiny matters that apparently only you can answer but then you’ll see no notifications, put the phone down and wonder why you even bothered checking! If you go away long enough you can break the habit completely and when you’re back in the “real world” might find you check your phone a whole lot less.

2. Learn a new skill

If you’re not normally the outdoorsy type, the chances are you might have to learn a new skill or two. Building a fire to keep warm, cooking over an open flame, foraging, navigating with a map or compass (particularly important if Google maps isn’t working) are all things we’ve learnt on trips away.

Why not go the extra level and enrol on a course while you’re away. Some camp sites offer all sorts of outdoor courses from foraging to wood working and more!

Indulge in some pampering while glamping off grid!

3. Indulge in some pampering

Just because you’ve gone off-grid doesn’t mean you can’t pamper yourself. Why not opt for a site that comes with a wood fired Jacuzzi? An outdoor shower is also a thing of luxury! You will also find more time to paint your nails, read a book, or perhaps do a face mask. The choice is yours and there won’t be any thing or any one around to distract you.

4. Be at one with nature

Whether you’re glamping in a yurt in the middle of a meadow, or a tree house in a forest full of pine trees you are going to be getting close to nature. Whether it’s a bike ride to the beach, a full days hiking up a waterfall, or a short walk to the pub you get to enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery. Best of all there’s a big bed and a hot bath waiting for you when you get back. If you opt for somewhere with an outdoor shower you get extra brownie points for being one with nature!

5. Cook on a campfire

There’s something so primal about cooking over a naked flame – whether you’re just toasting marshmallows or doing a rather rustic BBQ cooking over a campfire is a must when glamping off grid. There will be fewer dishes to wash up, and you can crack open a bottle of local wine while you cook. The heat of the fire will keep you warm, and concentrating on cooking your dinner to perfection will take your mind off of the stresses and pressures back home.

These are some of my favourite campfire recipes:

A star filled sky

6. For fresh air and starry skies

I remember one holiday in our campervan Delilah, on a cliff top near St Ives in Cornwall: I had never seen so many stars in my life and I’m not sure I will ever again. There is something immensely calming about inhaling a deep breath of fresh air and looking up at the star filled sky. Just a few moments star gazing makes you forget all of your worries.

7. Its eco-friendly!

We should all be doing more to help this planet which we call home. Glamping is just another great way to help the earth out! Yurts and tipis are often constructed from eco-friendly and locally sourced materials. You’ll often be provided with a hamper of local food and drink and often organic too. You can glamp completely guilt free!

8. It’s kind on the purse strings

If you’re trying to avoid spending a small fortune on going away then glamping is ideal for you. It’s cheaper than a 5* hotel but with lots of the same perks and facilities (ignoring the long-drop loo…) Camping in a regular tent often feels like a budget holiday but glamping doesn’t have to! Why not spend the pennies saved on a bottle of champers to enjoy in the wood fired hot tub!

Hello Mr Postman! You wont see a soul when glamping off-grid

9. You will be the only people for miles

This may sound completely anti-social but I love that I can have all of the luxuries of a hotel without having to deal with people. Most sites won’t even have a person to meet you when you check in. There will be a sign in sheet, you’ll head to your plot and everything will be ready for you. Need extra wood for your fire? Take some and leave a few pounds in the honest box. It’s that simple. At the end of your holiday you just drive away.

10. You’ll make memories that will last a life time

The one memory I will hold with me from our off-grid experience in Wales? Being watched by a sheep while I showered! The less said about that the better…

Showering outdoors is an experience not to miss while glamping off-grid

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10 reasons to go glamping off-grid this summer

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