Mincemeat (for mince pies)

Mincemeat (for mince pies)

Why use store bought mincemeat for your homemade mince pies when it’s so easy to make your own from scratch? (It makes a fantastic gift too!) Find out more below.

Christmas traditions

I am one of those people who just loves Christmas, but especially the build up! When I was growing up the Christmas season was declared open at the end of the annual bonfire night party hosted by my aunt. Although the party no longer takes place, the 6th of November is when my mind turns to Christmas and the preparations begin. Just like my Mum, I now keep a special book which contains Christmas present ideas, addresses for cards, and plans for what I’m going to make and bake over the festive season.

Wrapping presents, watching Christmas movies, wandering the local streets to see everyone’s Christmas lights. These are all traditions that started when I was a child and which I still love today. But the best bit about the run up to Christmas is planning what I’m cooking and when!

More festive recipes to make ahead

This mincemeat recipe is just one of many Christmas recipes I have on the blog. If you need ideas for starters, main courses, side dishes, puddings, and other sweet treats, I have you well and truly covered. Sine turning vegan I’ve even begun recreating some of my favourite Christmas bakes for a plant based diet (why not check out my vegan Christmas cake).

Why not try one of these recipes you can make ahead!

The recipe

Overhead shot of two jars of mincemeat for making mince pies


This sweet and spicy mincemeat is perfect for including in festive recipes like the classic mince pie. It's also a great gift!
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Prep Time 30 mins
Cook Time 15 mins
Total Time 45 mins
Course Ingredient
Cuisine British


  • 2x 500ml jar



  • Place all of the dried fruit in a mixing bowl and pour over the brandy. Cover with clingfilm and leave to rest for at least half an hour but ideally overnight.
  • Place the soaked fruit in a large saucepan along with all of the remaining ingredients (except the suet) and set over a medium heat.
  • Stir the mixture and cook until the sugar has dissolved and the liquid has begun to bubble.
  • Let the mix cook for 5-10 minutes before adding the suet.
  • Stir to ensure the suet is evenly distributed then spoon into sterilised jars.
  • Pack the mix in well to make sure there are no air bubbles. Seal the jars and leave to cool.
  • The mincemeat should be stored in a cool, dark cupboard ideally for at least a fortnight (at most 6 months).


How to sterilise jars:

Sterilise your jars by washing them with hot, soapy water. Rinse (but don't dry) them before placing the jars into an oven for 10 minutes on a low temperature (160C/320F/gas mark 3) or until they are dry. 
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How to use mincemeat

You can use this mincemeat not only in traditional mince pies, but marzipan mince pies and even in mince pie brownies and this delicious Christmas Bread and Butter Pudding recipe.

I’d love to see how you use it, be sure to tag me on Instagram when you do!

4 thoughts on “Mincemeat (for mince pies)”

  • Crikey, I can see you are at your element in December! It's interesting to compare notes on mincemeat. I haven't tried pre-cooking it before. Your full jars look lovely.

  • Thank you! Christmas is definitely my time of year 😛 I've always preferred everything about winter from warm jumpers to the hearty food! Your mincemeat is definitely going to be made this weekend though! It'll be good to have something different on the table!

  • Dear Emma, I’d love to try your mincemeat but I can’t find suet on the ingredients list – how much of it should be added? Is it a beef or mutton suet?
    Best, Grzegorz

    • Thank you for flagging this has since been rectified. The recipe requires 175g of suet. You can use any type of suet. I actually use vegetarian suet from Atora but have used their beef suet in the past.

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