WIN an Optimum Pressure Cooker PRO!

WIN an Optimum Pressure Cooker PRO!

You need an Optimum Pressure Cooker PRO in your life. Scroll down to enter the competition to WIN!

Optimum Pressure Cooker PRO

Hopefully you saw my review of the Optimum Pressure Cooker PRO earlier this week. It’s a new high tech gadget from the people at Froothie UK and it’s fast become my favourite kitchen appliance.

In short its a multi cooker that not only uses pressure cooking technology to speed up cooking times whilst keeping food moist, it also deep fries, roasts, braises, defrosts, simmers and much much more. Would you believe it even has specific settings for CAKE and PIZZA!

I’ve got your attention now haven’t I? If you want to read the full review you can do so here.

Otherwise lets get on to the exciting part…

Competition time!

I am running this competition on behalf of Froothie UK using the Rafflecopter widget. Not sure how to use Rafflecopter then check out the short video here.

There is one main way to enter and several ways to get bonus entries, including bonus daily entries such as tweeting about the competition. For information on how to find the URL of your tweet click here. If you already like/follow please comment in the Rafflecopter widget and let me know to make sure you get your entries.

The competition end date and time is as shown on the widget.

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Terms and Conditions

This giveaway is open to all readers over 18, who live in the UK mainland only.

The winner will be chosen via Rafflecopter (which uses and announced on this page. The winner will be contacted by e-mail, if they do not respond within 2 days another winner may be chosen.

There is one prize of an Optimum Pressure Cooker PRO to be supplied by Froothie UK who be will responsible for sending it directly to the winner.

I am running this competition in good faith on behalf of Froothie UK. Their decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.  They reserve the right to substitute the prize for one of a similar type / value if the prize above is not available.

I reserve the right to alter the closing date of the giveaway, either closing early or extending without notice. Changes to the closing date if they occur will be shown via the Rafflecopter widget.

As the prize is being provided by a third party, I have no responsibility for the acts or defaults of any other persons.

That’s all folks and GOOD LUCK!

*Note on Affiliate links

As I’m an Ambassador for Froothie I get paid a small commission if you buy an Optimum Pressure Cooker PRO using one of the links in my post.  Of course there’s no extra cost to you but it will make a big difference to me!

140 thoughts on “WIN an Optimum Pressure Cooker PRO!”

  • Oh this looks like a fab and very versatile bit of kit. I’d love to have one. Now I’m going to think about where it would go in my kitchen…

  • Have never owned a pressure cooker and have heard lots of good things about them from friends so would love to see first hand what it is like! Should make feeding the family a lot easier. x

  • I would like to win to cook healthier meals for my family and not spend ages preparing them. I would cook something with beans first as I usually avoid them as they take too long.

  • My late mother in law stole my old one bless her I never got reunited with it x I would cook veggie stews casseroles etc .

  • I dont have a pressure cooker so would love to win one! I would make home made pease soup first – cooking the gammon first to make the stock!

  • I’d love to use it to save time and would make pulled pork without having to slow cook for 6 hours in the oven

  • This machine looks amazing and to be honest I would be so excited to try ALL the new settings!

    Roasties in a jiffy, I’m in!

    Pizza quick and handy, I’m in! 🙂

  • I’d love this pressure cooker because I’d like to make super quick meaty casseroles when I came home from work. It would be much better for the health of my family, instead of relying on ready meals.

  • This would be such an improvement to our kitchen.I’d try Lancashire hotpot first.

  • It would be wonderful to have a lovely homemade beef casserole to come home to, cooked in all those flavours x

  • Would love to win so that when time is limited I can make tasty meals in a fraction of the time

  • I’m quite worried about the hikes in gas and electric prices and pressure cookers are cheap to run, plus my friend made an amazing risotto in hers!

  • Ive never owned one,so i’d love one,to be able to make lovely Rice Dishes or even cake x

  • I would like to win because it will make my life so much easier. The first cook would definitely be a beef stew.

  • I’ve seen an amazing recipe for Colombian Chicken Stew which I’d love to try first!

  • It would be nice to get things cooked in a jiffy when I get back from work esepcially lamb stew and dumplings

  • It would be useful when I’ve had a busy day at work. i would make a lovely stew first.

  • I would love to win one to make my life a little easier feeding a family of four because time is everything in our house and I never have enough of that 🙂

  • I work and have a large family so a pressure cooker would be so convenient for me. I’d cook a chicken casserole as it’s their favourite.

  • I am at a point that I need to eat soft foods and the pressure cooker is an ideal item for creating great tasting food with the benefit of making meat so tender that I can digest my meals with little concern.
    I would start by making a beef stew.

  • wow! that looks sleek and rather stylish! i would make PIZZA first, of course 🙂

  • I would love to win this to give to my mum, I think she would make a beef stew first. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • I had a pressure cooker years ago when the children were young. I threw it out when we moved House and have regretted it several times. This new type sounds amazing. I would love to win it and I think the first thing I would cook in it is a tasty beef stew with dough boys (dumplings).

  • because of mine and my other halfs silly shift patterns, we may not eat till 9pm when i finish work at 8pm, so this would be fab to get set up in the morning and he can just switch it on so it is cooked in time for when i get home.

  • I have never used a pressure cooker before but it looks like it would make life in the kitchen easier and quicker.

  • i would love to win to make my make a wider variety of meals and i would make bbq pulled pork first

  • a great space and time saver for our busy home! I would love to try a cake in it, i’m hopeless at the timing!!

  • I’ve never owned a pressure cooker before. I think i would make some steak and ale stew with it 🙂

  • I would love to win because there are two particular dishes I would like to cook on a regular basis that need to be cooked in a pressure cooker – Brazilian Beans and Curried Goat.

  • I would like to use pressure cooker as my baby is due soon and I would like to be able to cook healthy quick meals for us all. I would try a nice bit of beer in there in a stew

  • it would be very handy for when we are at work i would probably have a go at a curry

  • I would really like to win this pressure cooker, My friends and my Dad own one and say it is brilliant!
    I like to be organised in the morning and prepare dinner so this would be ideal to throw together a casserole in the morning and know dinner for the night was sorted 🙂

  • i would love to win this as its just what we need, i would cook a nice lamb casserole in it first x

  • Oh !!! i have an old recipe from the 70’s from my late mothers old cookbook collection for a Lemon Sponge Pudding that can be made and cooked and served in less than half an hour in a pressure cooker! now that is what i’d try first followed by a piece of Gammon

  • Some interesting comments I have read, thank you. Have not had the pleasure of using this item of cooking …..YET… dare I say? Please accept my entry.

  • I would love to win it for my mum, her pressure cooker of many yes just gave way and would be awesome to replace it for her

  • I love all the nifty functions, it would save me so much time in the kitchen. I think I’d have to try baking a cake first!

  • I would love to win this as it could be used for so many things, would love to cook up some beef for a nice pie!

  • This would be so useful in my kitchen. I’m always scared of pressure cookers (that they explode) but this one doesn’t look like the normal pressure cookers. fingers crossed!

  • Bet it would make a pearl barley and root veg soup quickly, though I think my vegan daughter would make good use of it.

  • i have never used a pressure cooker before but id make a lovely stew for starters 🙂

  • I would love this prize I think a pressure cooker is an essential in the kitchen. I would use this to make a batch of London Particular soup.

  • This looks like the only gadget you need in the kitchen. My old pressure cooker is well past it’s best. I’d cook up my favourite beef stew 🙂

  • I have never had or cooked by a pressure cooker, but after reading reviews on this product, i would love to give it a go and the first think i would have a go at it is a lamb hotpot

  • With both myself and my partner working full time and a horse, 3 dogs, 2 cats and a rabbit to look after, we need something to make tasty and easy meals quickly!

  • Both my better half and I have been trying to be more creative in the kitchen and this pressure cooker would give us lots of options as it is so versatile. He has a labourer working for him at the moment who is a chef by trade so some friendly competition between him, his business partner and the chef has developed – this might give him an edge 🙂 Plus I’d get to sample some of his creations as he puts ingredients together that I never would but somehow comes up with something tasty. I have chronic health conditions and I can see this might make life a little easier – fingers crossed.

  • I’d love to make a hearty casserole with dumplings. This looks like it would be a fab addition to the kitchen to cook healthy meals for the whole family. I think it’d be one of those items that would be used almost every day of the week!

  • So many great choices here, but I’d use it to tenderise some Brisket before putting it on the grill. The juices that form inside the cooker make a great base for a stonking gravy too. Pressure cookers are really useful and area great addition to anyone’s kitchen

  • I once had an old fashioned pressure cooker to use on the hob and I was terrified of it! This looks so much safer and more controllable.

  • My other half loves the pressure cooker! But we bought a new one recently & it’s not very good this looks much better!

  • I’ve been looking at these and wondering is it just another gadget. I’ve had deep fat fryers and I have a slow pot too but after reading your review I think you have twisted my arm to get one if I don’t win this one. They can do so much, saving time and effort and seeing as I am a bit of a lazy cook, I think that one of these would suit me. I might actually enjoy cooking again!

  • Perfect to cook healthy meals for my family whilst retaining the nutritional value of my food -invaluable for a busy family

  • I’d love this – I plan all our meals out monthly, batch cook and freeze. The first thing I’d try to make is my signature steak & kidney pie filling (I use oxtail, so this’d be so handy instead of slow cooking for a few hours!)

  • I’ve never tried a pressure cooker before but I think I would cook a beef casserole using it x

  • I Love to cook currys and they always cook best in the pressure cooker so would be amazing to win, the first thing i would make is a lamb curry.

  • I would make my favourite Texan chilli first, I would love to win because of how much time this would save

  • I’d love to win a pressure cooker because I cook almost everything from scratch because of family allergies and this would speed up the cooking.

  • I have always wanted one, but was too scared to buy an old fashioned traditional one. I would love to be able to cook loads of food from scratch in reasonable time with all sorts of cuts of meat. They sound amazing!

  • I would love to win, I have ‘owned on the stove’ pressure cookers previously and they have been amazing so would love to try an electric one. First thing I would make would be a chicken curry

  • I make a lot of Jams and Chutneys and having a pressure cooker would save so much time.

  • I’d absolutely love to win for my husband. He’s a fab cook always trying new recipes and me… well I prefer cleaning the kitchen afterwards haha. I know he’d love a pressure cooker, thanks for the chance x

  • I have used a pressure cooker for many years for cooking my veggies and making stews but reading your review this gadget offers so much more being a multi-cooker. I like the idea of being able to make cake so I would do that first 🙂

  • What a fabulous pressure cooker, I had one years ago which unlike this amazing multi cooker had limited use. I would love to win it this one to experiment with and would start by using it to make a cake

  • Ive always wanted to use one of these, bet it would be great for spicy paprika pork 🙂

  • I’d love to win this as my ancient hand me down one has finally died. The first this I’d do is chickpea curry. Love that a pressure cooker means no more soaking.

  • So I can make my fave family meal of beef stew. I do it in the oven at the moment but my mum always used to make it in a pressure cooker x

  • i would love to win because i love my kitchen gadgets and i love being in the kitche and making delicious meals this would make my nanas special soups/stews that remind me so much of her and my childhood

  • gave mine to my daughter….well I say mine, it was my mum’s so I kinda need to replace it before she notices 🙂

  • I’d make a steak & ale casserole – just the ticket for this cold, wet weather

  • My mum used to cook a lot of family dinners in her pressure cooker, the first thing i would do is get her recipe for the mince, beans and pasta dinner which was one of my favourites.

  • I would love to win this because I struggle with certain things and would find cooking so much easier with a pressure cooker! I also LOVE pressure cooked veg 🙂 Not sure what I’d make first; the world is my oyster!

  • I’ve not had a pressure cooker for some time but would love to have one again. They make life so much easier with how quickly and well they cook food. It would be great to make a really nice veg stew.

  • I’d Iove to win as I’ve always wanted a pressure cooker and now I know I can make cake in one I want one even more – I would definitely make said cake first!

  • I would love to win this fabulous pressure cooker because it would make life a lot easier – it would be ideal for me and my kids because I could put a nice stew on before we leave in the mornings and it would be ready by the time we all got home. It would be really nice to be able to come home and put my feet up for an hour knowing dinner is ready and just needs serving instead of spending an hour or 2 prepping & cooking a meal. Bliss!

  • I would love to try this, I’m no good at faffy meals – it’s better to just chuck everything in the pan!

  • I would like to speed up my cooking and a pressure cooker would help no end and I would love to make some beef and winter vegetable stews in it.

  • I’d like to cut my cooking time down and I’ve also heard the food really tastes nice in these. I’d make a nice roast beef and vegetables.

  • I’m a busy mum in a rush, my kids love pulled meat but I dont have all day to slow cook it so I think i’d give pulled pork a try first

  • I’d like to win because I have never had one but always wanted one! I like the idea of being able to cook what you want in it! I’d make a nice spicy chilli in it first x

  • I’d definitely cook some pulled pork and some slow cooked veggies – mmmm drooling!

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