Summer Recipes

The sun doesn’t always shine during a British summer but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy seafood, salads, BBQs and more!

This page shows the best summer recipes from Supper in the Suburbs.

The Summer Archive

Strawberry Ice Cream
In the summer time when the weather is high You can chase right up and touch the sky When the
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Creamy Stilton Pasta with Garden Greens
Hello my lovely blog readers! I am back! After nearly a month of killing myself over my final law exams
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Tomato Mozzarella and Pesto Picnic Tart
I am really excited to be starting to explore real summer recipes! I’m sure you’ll agree with me that this
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Chilli Prawn and Pineapple Salad
Don’t you love those recipes that just JUMP out at you and scream I AM A GREAT IDEA! EAT ME!
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[Burger Recipe] Turkey Burgers with Sweet Potato Wedges
UPDATED: 6th May 2013 I originally came up with this recipe in my third year at university. A new academic
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Gooseberry Fool
The last of this seasons gooseberries have been picked form our gooseberry bushes and I needed to come up with
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Elderflower and Gooseberry Butterfly Cakes
Every month, a recipe competition is hosted on the blog WeGrowOurOwn. Craig, the author of the site, selects a handful of
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