Bedroom design inspiration

Bedroom design inspiration

In my mind there is nothing more important than having a bedroom you love. It should be the most relaxing room in the house where you spend lazy Sunday mornings, where you crash after a long day at work and where…well…you know what…

When I was living at home decorating my room was such a big deal. As a child I’d always had these crazy grand plans. I remember pulling together a union jack inspired room design complete with neon wall lighting and a huge mural. Needless to say that didn’t happen. Another memorable design included A LOT of dark purple and black paint. Yep, that was my goth phase… Each of these designs is much more subtle. The aim is to create a calm and comforting space. Let me know which is your favourite in the comments below.

1. Yellow and grey

Yellow and grey


Arteriors crackle table lamp
£250 –

Sun Zero grey grommet curtain
£9.76 –

Intelligent Design gray home decor
£25 –

Umbra gray clock
£31 –

Dot Bo flower home decor
£8.37 –

Linen furniture
£515 –

L L Bean painted shelf
£140 –


Yellow and grey is one of the hottest colour combinations right now. Bring some sunshine into you bedroom with canary yellow soft furnishings and charcoal grey furniture. Chalk paint is your friend here and you can jazz up any old furniture with a lick of grey paint.

2. Japanese Zen

Japanese zen


Biltmore white bedding
£28 –

Shoji screen
£73 –

Nest Fragrances fragrance oil
£29 –

Cultural Intrigue paper lantern
£1.54 –

Home decor
£45 –

King bed
£4,535 –


Embracing the calming influences with Japanese zen. Thing minimalist with black and white furnishings, shoji screens and luxurious linens. Lucky bamboo and bonsai trees are a nice way of bringing the outdoors inside. Whilst bonsai trees require a lot of love and attention, bamboo just needs a little water and you’ll have greenery all year round.

3. Teal appeal

Teal appeal


Pine Cone Hill peacock bedding
£120 –

Cotton pillowcase
£15 –

Battery operated clock
£70 –

Scented candle
£31 –

Light pink throw pillow
£49 –

Artificial flower
£47 –

King size bed
£1,110 –


There is no colour more calming than blue – or teal to be precise! The colour of the sea, lapping up on the shore of a white sandy beach. This bedroom design takes teal and contrasts it with bubblegum pink and touches of gold for a relaxing bedroom design.

I think decorating our bedroom will be the hardest task of them all. I settled really early on the design for our guest bedroom but for some reason I just can’t decide what to do with ours.

Which of these designs is your favourite? Do you have any other bedroom design ideas to help me make my mind up?

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