So you want to buy a new front door?

So you want to buy a new front door?

Some of you will know that for the last 5 MONTHS we have been attempting to buy a house. (Remember my post on house hunting here?) Our offer was accepted in March and it’s been a long uphill battle ever since to get the deal done. We still haven’t exchanged, nor have we even set a date to do so as the chain further up recently collapsed for the second time.

That being said I’m trying not to let it get me down. Yes the whole transaction could fall through, yes my lease expires in October which means I’ll be officially homeless BUT I’m putting on a brave face and carrying on as normal and this includes planning how we are going to do up and decorate the house. Most recently I’ve been thinking about whether or not we should buy a new front door.

A statement front door is a fantastic way of bringing some character to the outside of your home. Find out about how to choose a front door at Supper in the Suburbs

It’s what’s on the outside that counts

Other than the garden (which we have very grand plans for) we hadn’t really thought about the outside of the house. The windows and doors are all fine but when we went for a walk recently I got staring at the other houses and I started noticing something – their front doors. I’ve decided you can tell a lot about a person by their front door.

A few doors down from us there is a stunning home painted pure white, with a bright red door and cute topiary bushes standing proudly outside. It’s fun, colourful and bright. I imagine the homeowner is a bright and sunny personality, probably an optimist and by the look of those topiary bushes, definitely a perfectionist too!

A little further along from the red door is a bright pink one. But it’s not just the door that’s bright pink, oh no, so are the window frames, the curtains AND the mini cooper car that’s parked on the drive. It looks like we’ve got a style conscious girly-girl living there.

The house that really catches my eye is just round the corner. The front garden has been planted with wonderful wild flowers and it feels as though you’re out in the countryside and have stumbled across the cottage in the middle of a meadow. The door is painted a sympathetic pale green which is stylish, sophisticated and understated. I love it!

First impressions really do count and I’m conscious that from the outside the house we are buying doesn’t have an awful lot of personality, and it certainly doesn’t match mine and Jon’s. Whether you love natural, wooden doors, or more modern, energy-efficient PVCu or GRP there’s going to be one out there for you.

Black front door 2

So you want to buy a new front door…

I thought buying a new door would be incredibly tricky but so long as you get your measurements right the rest of the process seems pretty damn easy.

Before you do anything you have to measure the width. Start by measuring the top, middle and bottom of the frame opening where your door will go. Then take the smallest of the three and take away 10mm.

Next you need to get the height. Again, measure three points on the frame (to the left, centre and right) take the smallest measurement and deduct 10mm.

Lastly you need to measure the diagonals. There shouldn’t be more than 5mm between each of your measurements. If there is, perhaps measure again…just to be safe…

Once you’ve got these measurements its pretty easy to find doors online that fit your requirements. If you’re really unlucky you may need a door made to measure but even these aren’t too pricey!

Blue front door small

Style over substance?

It would appear that beautiful wooden doors aren’t necessarily energy efficient…damn. Something we’re really going to have to consider there..

If you want a beautiful but energy efficient door you’ll need to buy either, PVCu, composite (which is made up of PVC, wood and GRP for a strong, secure and stylish finish) or GRP (these look like wood and are hard wearing too – bonus!)

For the biggest choice in style though it has to be wood. Whether you’re after something retro, really traditional or ultra modern you can get it in wood.

Teraccota front door

How much do I need to budget?

Once you’ve decided you are going to buy a new front door, the next big question is how much you are going to need to budget for it. I think when it comes to buying anything for your home you can go as expensive or cheap as you like. There’s usually a designer version and budget version of everything you could ever want from cushions and lighting to fridges and sofas. It’s the same when you buy a new front door.

B&Q currently do wooden doors in a wide range of styles from a dirt cheap £72 to £527 which personally I thought was quite reasonable! These are all “ready to paint” in your favourite shade of sunshine yellow or battleship grey so don’t forget to factor in the cost of paint. PVCu doors sit more in the £250 – £300 mark. So they’re hardly going to break the bank!

If you’re looking for something a bit more snazzy then door specialists the English Salvage company have an amazing range of reclaimed antique doors which go up to a whopping £5,000! Antique, pictorial stained glass oak doors anyone? Now that would make a first impression!

Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it!

Once you’ve picked that perfect front door don’t forget your door furniture. You’ll also need to have the perfect door knocker, doorbell and door handle (topiary bushes optional) Who knew there was so much to think about?!

Have you got a statement front door? Is there a colour you’d love to paint yours but you’re not quite brave enough? Let me know in the comments below!

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    • Ooooh gun metal grey. VERY chic choice Kirsty 🙂 would you do your windows to match? That seems to be becoming more and more popular but I don’t know if I’m brave enough to do that 🙂

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