5 Home Truths About House Hunting In London

5 Home Truths About House Hunting In London

Are you one of the people currently house hunting in London? Whether you’re a first time buyer or already firmly on the ladder check out the sage advice below. Oh, and good luck!

I’m not here to be a grouch (great opening line) and most people will tell you that buying your first home is meant to be a happy, exciting time. But those people are lying. They probably bought a house decades ago when prices were well below 100k and you had the pick of the bunch. These days in London you’ll be lucky if you can find a 2 bed house in a nice spot of the suburbs for less than 500k. Don’t even get me started about prices in central! You’ll also be up against those horrible, money grabbing, buy-to-let landlords who waltz around with 50%+ deposits in their back pocket. (EUGH!) Think I’m exaggerating? Think again.

Ok, so it’s all doom and gloom so far. Sorry about that! But for the last 3 years I’ve been watching the property market in London slowly move further and further out of reach. At the start of this year we officially started our house hunt. I got a new job that finally opened up the door to a mortgage offer large enough to buy a two bed home – but only if we moved quickly enough. We only have a 5% deposit and despite saving a good 30%-50% of our income each month, house prices are increasing so quickly that the 5% we’ve managed to save will soon only be 4%, then 3%, then 2%…you get the idea. We are almost halfway through the year and so far, no new home.

If you are about to start your London based house-hunt then here are a couple of home truths which will hopefully help prepare you for the next few months. Good luck!

No-one likes a first time buyer

Once upon a time, being a first time buyer was a good thing. There are plenty of articles out there (pre-crash) that will tell you being a first time buyer is good because you can move fast on a chain free basis.

The problem is, buy-to-let landlords and developers can move even faster. We constantly found ourselves up against investor-types when we put in offers. We even lost a massive 3 bed house in our dream location (a.k.a. a unicorn) not because we were out bid, but because someone else was offering 50% cash and could move so much quicker than us. We just couldn’t compete.

Yes, being a first time buyer is better than being in the middle of a chain, and some people will find this attractive. But, in reality there’s always going to be someone out there who can buy faster than you.

Sellers just don’t care any more

In a seller’s market they don’t have to get out of their pajamas, they don’t have to tidy up, they don’t have to get rid of the smell of weed/cigarettes, and they definitely don’t bake brownies or bread to make their house smell homely. Some of them might leave dirty nappies on the kitchen counter. Others will still be in bed while you’re looking around – a little bit awkward when you’re checking out the spare bedroom…

On the plus side, they’ll also leave the mould untreated, and cracks in the walls and ceilings will be visible for all to see. Of course I’d much rather find out about these things upfront, it would be worse if they’d try covering it up, but it would be nice if they at least put some clothes on themselves…I don’t want to see that kind of crack…

House hunting in London - House purchase

Oh, and Estate Agents don’t care either

If you thought seller’s had gotten lazy then wait ’til you hear about estate agents.

Once you start your search expect to tell estate agents your criteria over and over again. Roughly 80% of emails I have received over the course of our house hunt were TOTALLY irrelevant. I received property details for homes as far north as Newcastle and as far south as Portsmouth. I also had emails about new build flats in central London worth over £2million.

Sometimes, the estate agent won’t show up and you’ll have to be shown round by the owners. Other times, you’ll turn up and there will be a sold sign outside and no estate agent in sight. You’d think it would be quite quick and easy to call or email to cancel a viewing but apparently not.

If you don’t laugh you will cry

I remember one Saturday when we were at a real low. We had already viewed 4 properties in the space of about 2 hours and none of them had been close to what we were looking for. Floor space equivalent to a large shed, swathes of black mould, police tape on the corner of the street… But as we were sat outside the fifth and final house of the day, we were starting to feel somewhat optimistic. The location was perfect – less than half a mile to the tube – it was leafy green in a quiet residential location and the outside of the house looked good. Just as we got out of the car, that’s when we heard it – the mechanical rush of a freight train just behind the trees to the left of the house.

The pavement literally shook. You’d be forgiven for thinking there had been an earthquake. We looked at each other, eyes wide, in disbelief. Yes we’d done our research; we knew it was close to the line but SERIOUSLY?! 30 seconds later a second train went past. We couldn’t help it. We burst out laughing. It was that or tears. You won’t be surprised to hear we didn’t put an offer in on that one.

The right one is out there …it’s just not the one you thought

After we lost out on the unicorn we started to despair pretty hard. We had started with a long list of postcodes in which we were willing to live but over the course of our search we were priced out of many of them. We’ve recently put an offer in (and had it accepted) on a house in my least favourite postcode, over 2 miles from a tube (but on a train line instead) and it looks nothing like I expected. That doesn’t mean I don’t love it. Sometimes you fall in love when you least expect it and with the housing market the way it is, you’d be wise to open up your options. You never know what you might find!

House hunting in London

See it’s not all negative!

If I was to give advice to anyone house hunting in London it would be to have perseverance, see as many properties in as many locations as you can, and to keep smiling. They say that only 1 in 10 under 30s is going to be able to buy a home in their lifetime so quite frankly the odds are stacked against you. You can see that as a negative, or you can use it to become even more determined to get yourself on to the housing ladder. The choice is yours.

We have had fun house hunting, and we are super excited about the prospect of owning a home. Being able to have a BBQ, hang washing up outside, put up a shelf…these are all things that as renters we aren’t allowed to do. And I’m sure they will all be worth the wait.

Although everything could still go wrong yet…we’re no where close to exchanging contracts I’m trying to stay positive!

If you are searching for the one, or if you’re further down the line then we are I’d love to hear your thoughts! Anecdotes about awful properties are always welcome as are stories about estate agents from hell in the comments below (but no names please!) What advice would you give to those currently house hunting in London?

14 thoughts on “5 Home Truths About House Hunting In London”

  • This was such an enjoyable and relatable read. The humour that you bring to what is such an at times stressful process is refreshingly awesome! London property is a scary beast and I am so happy to hear you have potentially tamed one for yourself – must be an amazing feeling. Myself and my bf are going to start looking in Manchester as London at this point is just too expensive!

    Best of luck and thanks for sharing!

    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x

    • Thanks Leigh that’s really sweet of you to say! Glad you enjoyed it!

      I love London and I’ve always dreamt of living here but I do sometimes wish we could up and move but our jobs massively restrict us.

      Manchester is an awesome city so I’m sure you’ll be really happy there. Good luck when the time comes 🙂

    • Thanks Fashion Mommy. They do say it’s the most stressful time of your life and I’m finally understanding why!

    • I’m glad you found it much easier! It may have taken us 6 months to get this fat but some friends have had it much worse!

  • Such a fab read, I’ve never heard of anyone still being in bed when someone is viewing their home or leaving it in such a state, but like you said that’s a gift in itself if you spot mould or any other problems! Sorry you didn’t get the “unicorn” but I’m glad you managed to find potential in another!!

    • Some of my friends have even worse stories! Like the house where the lady kept burning toast (repeatedly) to try and cover the smell of weed. :-p you really do have to laugh!

  • We have moved 3 times in the past 5yrs – buying and selling and it’s so stressful! We are hoping to put our current house on the market soon and I am not looking forward to it – but this time hopefully we will be buying a longer term house

    Laura x

    • Gosh Laura that’s a lot of house moving! I think I’d have gone crazy having to house hunt that many times!!! Fingers crossed your next move is a more permanent one 🙂

  • we are stuck renting at the moment and its such a crappy thing, Great post though i can imagine house hunting in london would be hard at the best of times!!

    • I feel your pain Leonii. We’ve been renting this place for 4 years. It’s the first time we’ve stayed in one place for any length of time. Can’t wait to put up shelves haves a washing line and of course decorate when we finally move 🙂

  • Great post!
    We sold through a fabulous estate agent who managed to get us offers from the first viewer, I bet its a whole different kettle of fish buying though.


    • I’m not surprised you got an offer so quick! We found the estate agents SO pushy. We were told to put offers in on properties we categorically said we weren’t interested in haha. Glad it worked out for you!

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