Baby’s Bath Time Baby Shower Gift Hamper

Baby’s Bath Time Baby Shower Gift Hamper

I love building gift hampers and had lots of fun putting together this Baby’s Bath Time Hamper for my friend’s baby shower last month. If you’re looking for Baby Shower Gift Ideas then look no further!

From baby lotion to rubby ducky towel this baby's bathtime gift hamper has everything you need to put together the perfect baby shower giftThe pitter-patter of tiny feet

It would seem that Jon and I have finally reached that age – the one where everyone is either getting married or having babies and to be honest we hadn’t really noticed it had happened until just a few weeks ago. It seems adulthood just kind of crept up on us. Take the weekend just gone – I found myself at a baby shower while Jon was painting the town red at a friend’s stag do. These are our weekends now when we’re not engrossed in buying our first house.

Out of our school friends we are now the only unmarried couple. The first to get married now have not one, not two, but THREE children and our best friends are eagerly awaiting their first. How did it happen that we were all old enough to settle down and start having kids?! There are no wedding bells nor the pitter-patter of tiny feet for us just yet but we are enjoying getting to celebrate everyone else’s weddings and babies all the same.

Baby's bath time gift hamper a wonderful baby shower gift idea from Supper in the Suburbs


Baby Shower gift Ideas

I feel like I’ve nailed house-warming gifts after putting together this breakfast in bed hamper for my sis and her partner when they moved into their first home two years ago. I love doing a variation along the same theme with different breakfast foods and drinks, perfect for the first morning they wake up in their new home.

Practical presents are always best and its the same with baby shower presents. By the time the baby shower comes around the likelihood that Mum and Dad-to-be have already spent  a fortune on baby clothes so I tend to steer well clear of baby grows and booties. Nappies are super handy and there are lots of examples on the internet of baby shower nappy “cakes” (like this one) but who REALLY want’s a cake made out of nappies?! I certainly don’t…

For the little munchkin due at the end of May I decided instead to put together a baby’s bath time hamper. Half of the gifts were consumables that would be used up and replaced in no time. Babies are expensive business so often the best baby shower gifts are the lotions and potions that Mum and Dad are going to use up hard and fast, like baby oil or cotton wool balls. The rest of the gifts were more gifty items like a rubber ducky hooded towel, baby massage oil, bath thermometer and a duck shaped musical pull toy that plays lullabies to (hopefully) sooth the just bathed baby off to sleep.

This Baby's bath time gift hamper is the perfect baby shower gift. Find out how to put it together on the Supper in the Suburbs blog

Buy this hamper

Want to buy this hamper? Click the links below to find the products online!

  • Duck musical pull toy, £15.00 from John Lewis
  • Hooded rubber ducky towel, £14.99 from Mothercare 
  • Bubble bath, £6.66 from John Lewis
  • Bath toy bag, £5.00 from John Lewis
  • Rubber duck bath thermometer, £3.95 from John Lewis
  • Baby massage oil, £2.14 from John Lewis
  • Johnson’s baby lotion, £1.65 from Boots
  • Johnsons’s baby oil, £1.65 from Boots
  • Cotton wool balls, £1.65 Boots

Total cost roughly £50-55.

You’ll also need a shoebox, yellow wrapping paper, clear wrap, yellow ribbon and yellow gift tag.

Just to confirm, because I know you’re wondering, none of these links are affiliate links and I’m not paid to post them. Just trying to be helpful so click away!

Baby Shower Gift Hamper Variations

Of course you could change up the hamper however you wanted. If you know the sex of the baby you could go all out princess pink or boisterous blue if you so choose. The little munchkin we’re all excited to meet is a boy but we went for a very neutral hamper (plus Mum is obsessed with rubber ducks!!!)

Other useful hamper contents include:

  • Flannels;
  • Sponge;
  • Grooming kit (e.g. little brush, nail scissors etc);
  • Cotton buds;
  • Baby wipes etc.

You could even buy a baby bath tub and use it as the base of your hamper instead of a wrapped shoe box!

Put together this baby's bath time baby shower gift hamper with these easy steps

Gifts for new parents

I love giving gifts. I genuinely think giving a gift is better than receiving. So I’m already planning what I’m going to give the new Mum and Dad once munchkin is born. (And this time it will very much be food and drink related!) If you want to see what I put together make sure you pop back in early June!

Unit then, if you like this Baby Bath Time Baby Shower Gift Hamper please do share, like and comment!

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