The 10 Best Adult Lunch Boxes

Are you looking for the perfect lunch box, then look no further. I’ve pulled together 10 of the most functional and stylish adult lunch boxes currently on sale in the UK.

10 best lunch boxes

Eating al desko

If you’re an office worker in the UK you’re probably more than familiar with the concept of eating lunch at your desk. When I finally joined the working world 2 years ago I didn’t realise quite how many lunch breaks would be spent working at my desk – a term my colleagues and I soon coined eating “al desko“. With dinner often eaten in the office too I soon learnt that if I was going to have any hope of (1) not spending all my wages on depressing supermarket sandwiches and (2) eating a healthy lunch, I was going to have to get myself organised and start preparing lunches at home.

When I changed jobs recently I decided it was time to upgrade my old lunch box. Whilst there was nothing wrong with my old one (and Jon still uses it now) I wanted to get something that had extra functionality and looked good! Having done some extensive research, being that weird person stress testing lunch boxes in shops, I can finally share with you the 10 best lunch boxes for adults. Prices and availability are subject to change but if in doubt, Amazon sells almost all of them!

Happy lunching!

The 10 Best Adult Lunch Boxes (UK)

For salad snackers

Sistema Salad to Go

Source: Sistema 1.1l Salad to Go – RRP £5.99

One of the things that annoys me most with packed lunch boxes is that they don’t come with pots for salad dressings. To make sure your salad is as fresh and tasty as it can be, the best thing you can do is keep your dressing away from your salad leaves until the last minute. The Sistema Salad to Go lunch box does just that.

The lunch box is a deep, rounded square shape perfect for salads with an extra layer on top for additional snacks and a screw top dressing cup.

I’ve owned this lunch box for roughly 5 years and have never had any complaints. It’s cheap and cheerful but if you’re looking for something a bit more stylish or in the premium range keep reading.

For no frills foodies

Luckies Brown Paper Bag

Source: Luckies Brown Paper Bag – RRP £12.95

If all you’re looking for is a container that can easily be carried to work and will keep your sandwich fresh then this is the lunch box (or should I say bag) for you!

The Brown Paper Lunch Bag from Luckies is an insulated tear-proof, leak resistant, brown bag which has a sturdy double magnet fastening. Insulation is definitely something I look for in a lunch box. If you don’t have a fridge at work, on a hot summers day you don’t want to be chowing down on a lukewarm salmon and cream cheese bagel.

As well as keeping a sandwich or bagel fresh, there’s plenty of room in the bag for a small drink and / or a piece of fruit. It really is ideal for no frills lunches.

For when space is at a premium

Compleat Foodskin

Source: Compleat Foodskin – RRP £19.99

This lunch box is perfect for anyone looking to save space in their bag. Forget bulky plastic lunch boxes which take up all the room in your work bag, the Compleat Foodskin is a cleverly designed flat piece of plastic over which a highly elastic silicone skin stretches, compacting your sandwich and keeping it fresh.

Another plus is that once you’ve eaten your sandwich it goes back to being completely flat just slipping into your handbag.

For the style concious gent

Gentlemans Hardware Lunch Box from Wild and Wolf

Source: Wild & Wolf Gentlemen’s Hardware Lunch Tin – RRP £15.95

I am a big fan of Wild & Wolf. If you’ve not come across them before they do all sorts from wallets, to beard wax, lunch boxes and more, all aimed at the stylish male market. In terms of functionality, the Gentlemen’s Hardware Lunch Tin a simple rectangular container with snap shut lid to keep your lunch fresh and to avoid spillages. No other fancy features but I love anything with more of an industrial feel and think the aluminium, gold brushed finish is perhaps the coolest lunch box in this feature!

For all round performance

Black and Blum Box Appetite

Source: Black + Blum Box Appetite – RRP £16.95

I don’t want to peak to soon but this lunch box by designers Black + Blum is an all round winner in my eyes. The Box Appetite has a really stylish finish and has all the functionality you could want from a lunch box including air tight lid, separate compartments, dishwasher and microwave safe. Whether you pack a pita pocket, salad, rice dish or pasta this lunch box is for you.

I recently purchased mine and couldn’t be happier. Think of it as a premium version of the Sistema Salad to Go or the Lakeland Large Lunch Box. It also comes in slightly different shapes and sizes to suit you.

For magpies


Source: A Slice of Green Two Tier Stainless Steel Lunch Box from Not On The High Street – RRP £14.00

If you’re drawn to something shiny then you’ll love these stainless steel lunch containers. Simillar to traditional Indian tiffin tins. Each lunch box has smooth, rounded edges and clip closure. Stack the two metal containers on top of each other to keep your main and side dish separate. There even a mini container for dips and sauces. Find the range at Not on the High Street.

For soup lovers

Joseph and Joseph Soup Pot

Source: JosephJoseph Go Eat Soup Pot – RRP £12.00

The Go Eat Soup Pot from JosephJoseph is the perfect lunch pot for anyone who like to enjoy soups, stews or other wet foods at lunch times. It works well for pasta, dishes, rice dishes and so much more! It is of course both microwave and dishwasher safe as well as PPA free meaning there are no nasty chemicals used in making this product.

The green pot on top is perfect for storing bread rolls or croutons which cleverly is stored inside the main compartment when not in use!

I’m a huge fan of anything by JosephJoseph and this is no exception.  A soup pot is a must have in anyone’s lunch box arsenal.

The complete set

Monbento 10 best adult lunchboxes

Source: Monbento MB Original Bento – RRP £27.50

You won’t get a more comprehensive bento box than the MB Original Bento from Monbento. It comes with no less than 2 containers, 1 lid, 2 intermediary lids, 1 food cup, 2 caps + joints, as well as an elastic band to keep it all together. If you want to have even more choice, they also sell extra food cups, cutlery / chopsticks and extra compartments they call molds.

It’s also won two style awards for its stylish finish. I love the white and grey but they come in a wide range of colours, or for £29.00 you can completely customize your own!

For fashionistas

Ted Baker Bento Box

Source: Ted Baker Bento Box – RRP: £15.00

OK, I’ll admit this may be style over substance. Very similar to the other bento boxes in this feature it’s got separate compartments which have air tight seals but beyond that it doesn’t have an awful lot to offer that other bentos don’t. The best thing about this bento box is that it’s part of the Ted Baker accessories range. Both my sister and I are big Ted Baker fans – and this would go perfectly with the Ted Baker handbag I already carry to work.

For an eco-friendly lunch Reusable-Food-Kozies---Pack-Of-Two

Source: U-Konserve Food Kozies (Not On The High Street) – RRP £7.00

While not strictly a lunch box there’s a lot to love about this next product. These food kozies in particular are designed to stop us using plastic baggies when taking food out and about. For those of us eating lunch at our desk they also double as a place mat too!

The U-Konserve lunch range has so many exciting products including insulated food containers, ice packs, water bottles and even a stylish insulated tote bag to keep it all in! Best of all, they are made from recycled products so you can feel good about using them.

You can find the whole range on Not On The High Street.

Best Buy!

I’d happily buy any one of these products but my lunch box of choice has to be the Box Appetite. It meets all of my needs which means I’m declaring it the best buy in this list!

If you have any other suggestions do let me know in the comments below!

9 thoughts on “The 10 Best Adult Lunch Boxes”

  • The Black and Blum one looks great! I usually use any old plastic box I can find a lid to fit but I like the idea of something a bit nicer to jazz up my lunch. Will be on Amazin later having a browse!

    • Definitely do Lucy. I know it sounds sillier but it brightens up lunch that little bit when you have a fancy lunchbox :-p

  • Love this range. We stick to the good old lock and lock and add a handful of frozen beans to our salads to keep them cool until lunchtime. In my office days I used to take frozen soup in a Rachel’s dairy pot, heat in the microwave. When frozen it is completely leak proof.

  • I used to have one of those Blax and Blum ones, not sure what happened to it! I make a point not eating at my desk though, I think it’s important to switch off for a short while.

    • Too true Sarah! particularly when the weather is this lovely I do try and get out. Unfortunately it’s not always possible!

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