Meal Planning Monday

Meal Planning Monday

Meal Planning Mondays wc 12 Oct

Good morning folks! How are you all? It feels like a while since I’ve posted something other than a recipe on here.

Life has been pretty exciting recently – a lot of the news is still top secret but things are on the up so its all smiles here. I’ve been very naughty recently though, eating an awful lot of crap. I got back into my old habits of ordering a takeaway every time Jon was out or I got in later – not a good idea. It got to the middle of last week when I suddenly realised it had been a few weeks since I’d sat down to a plate overflowing with fresh vegetables and that obviously has to change!

I am still relying on the freezer slow cooker meals (read more about them here) and we are having one or two of them each week but I’m still trying to focus on serving up sides of fresh vegetables and salads rather than rice, pasta or bread. This weeks meal plan might not be the healthiest but its certainly putting us back on the right track.

This is what we are eating for dinner this week.

This week’s meal plan

Monday – wild mushroom lasagne served with steamed greens – if you like the sound of this why not check out my mushroom, leek and parpadelle.

Tuesday – aubergine parmesan from my freezer – find out more here. 

Wednesday – eating out – one of my friends has recently returned from a holiday in the States so I’ll be catching up with her over dinner and drinks!

Thursday – thai red curry from my freezer served with rice noodles and a thai salad – find out more here.

Friday – baby aubergine and spinach curry.

Saturday – eating out- we are visiting family so will no doubt do something special on Saturday night.

Sunday – vegetarian roast dinner with mashed potatoes, onion gravy, carrots, cabbage and broccoli.

I always find its hard to plan meals this time of year. As the weather gets colder salads seem a lot less attractive and it’s tempting to fill your week with pies, casseroles and other hearty dinners. Hopefully this week I’ve found the right balance between healthy meals and hearty meals. Depending on how satisfied Jon and I are at the end of the week I might have to readjust my thinking for next week’s meal plan…

What are you eating this week? Have you already started to cook wintery dinners?

4 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday”

  • The curry sound so good. Like you I find it hard to plan at this time of year, it is too easy to go for all the carbs x

    • Thanks Emma! I’m not a huge bread fan so trying to lean towards dinners like soups where I’m less likely to carb load. Though that being said I have a huge craving for stew and dumplings right now…

    • Curry is, quite possibly, my favourite meal in the world 😛 I am particularly excited about the wild mushroom lasagne – its a recipe I’ve been tweaking for a while and hope to share soon!

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