Meal Planning Monday

Meal Planning Monday

Meal Planning Mondays 13 July

It’s that time of the week again – Monday. Not the most popular of days, but a day we’ve got to get through nonetheless. Monday’s for me are always a fresh start – this week we are saying good by to takeaways, meals out and copious amounts of alcohol and hello to runs in the park, salads and soups.

We’ve just had an insanely lazy and indulgent week and my God is my body feeling it now. I need to give it a bit of TLC so I’m swapping fizzy drinks and alcohol for water, breakfast muffins for fruit, and I’m ticking to soups and salads to fill me up the rest of the day.

Meal Plan

This is our meal plan for this week.

Monday – Peanut Soup (again!) And as so many of you have requested it, I’ll be posting the recipe for all to see tomorrow!

Tuesday – Mushroom, Lemon and Lentil Salad. This is a new recipe I’m trying. It has similar principles to my Courgette and Bulgur Wheat Salad where the veggies are char grilled in a griddle pan or on the BBQ first.

Wednesday – Easy Roasted Tomato Soup. This is so simple that it’s perfect for mid-week meals.

Thursday – Spinach and Strawberry Salad

Friday – a tub of Glorious! Skinnylicious Soup. I’m allowed one dinner out of a packet right? We love the Glorious! skinny soup range. There are so many tasty varieties to chose from!

Saturday – Watermelon and Feta Salad. On Saturday we may be sitting down to dinner with my Mum and sister. They are also trying to watch what they eat and this fresh and fruity salad will no doubt go down a treat!

Sunday –  Broccoli and Raisin Salad. This is another experiment. I love the broccoli salads that are served in my canteen at work but I’ve never tried making one myself. Watch this space to see how it turns out!

Shopping List

As well as sharing what we are eating this week I thought it would be useful to share my shopping list. Our weekly shop mainly consists of bits and bobs for our evening meals plus a few extras for lunches but we predominantly get lunch at work.

Here is our shopping list based on Asda’s online prices this week:

Fresh fruit and veggies

Broccoli – 49p

Lemon – 30p

Unwashed baby spinach  – £1

Portobello Mushrooms – £1

Pack of 4 red onions – £1

Punnet of strawberries – £1.50

Strong wild rocket – £1.50

Bag of apples – £2

Ready meals and snacks

30% Less Fat Hummus – £1

Glorious! Skinnylicious Limited Edition Soup – £1.98

Quorn Sandwich Slices – £1.50

Tins & Cans

Chopped tomatoes – 39p

Green lentils – £1.10


Hovis Granary Loaf – 60p

Household items

Kitchen roll – £1.15

Total = £16.01

Not a bad result even if I do say so myself! I’m particularly impressed with how cheap this shop was considering how bare our cupboards are! We had a few of the ingredients for the peanut soup leftover from last week (limes, ginger, peanut butter etc.) and we’ve also got plenty of home grown tomatoes but that really is it at the minute!

What is your meal plan for this week? I’d love to hear what you are planning on cooking!

9 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday”

  • Wow what a fab meal plan! I wish my family were vegetarian like me so I didn’t have to make do all the time I can’t wait to see your peanut soup! X

    • Thanks Leandra! It is very very healthy this week which is such a huge contrast to last week’s meal plan! I hope we haven’t been too hard on ourselves. It’s actually the man of the house that is vegetarian here, but I’ve found the health benefits of a veggie diet too good to miss out on so I now eat vegetarian at home. The peanut soup is scheduled for tomorrow so definitely watch this space (all my posts go live in the morning so hopefully you won’t miss it!) Have a lovely day!

  • Looks so healthy and delicious! I was just thinking about my meal plan and will make sure to include some lighter meals. I love the sound of your watermelon and feta salad. I can’t believe you get all that for £16! 🙂

    • Thanks Hannah. I was quite pleased myself. We try not to go over £25 for the two of us but it’s not always easy.

  • £16!!! Wow! I’ve never got my bill that cheap. I really am going to have to try any get mine down a little more, I was looking in my cupboards earlier, they are rammed, I’m a food hoarder. Admittedly my bill does usually include Tom’s beer, I’m going to start deducting all his bits, he’s ruining my budget 😀
    Yes I am looking forward to your peanut soup recipe, I’m a peanut fiend, I will be making chocolate and peanut butter ice-cream tomorrow, health…no, tasty…oooh yeah! 😀

    Have a good week! 😉

    • Definitely make the most of those full cupboard next week! Makes things so much easier budget wise – until you have nothing in them of course then there’s always a big shop to restock them! Definitely take off him beers etc though 😉 they totally don’t count :-p that ice cream also sounds amaaaazing. I need to stay strong this week though. Reintroducing treats to my diet next week 🙂

    • Thanks Abi. We do still try to meal plan but I’ve been terrible at it since starting my new job (the hours are quite unpredictable!) This soup does look fantastic though. Thank you so much!

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