World Gin Day Recipe Round Up

World Gin Day Recipe Round Up

World Gin Day Recipe Round Up

Happy World Gin Day everybody! I’m not usually one to celebrate random food “holidays” because there are just so many of them. But World Gin Day is one that I couldn’t let pass me by. It’s no secret I love a G&T or two but for world gin day I thought I’d branch out and try something new. While I was looking for new ways to get my gin fix I came across all sorts from gin cakes, sizzling gin curries and of course one or two gin cocktails. There were so many that I thought I was only right that I shared some of my favourites – a bit of ginspiration if you will! Here are ten awesome gin recipes for World Gin Day. Enjoy!

World Gin Day Ginspiration!

1. Limoncello and Gin Fizz Cocktail

A refreshing alternative to Champagne
A refreshing alternative to Champagne

Gin and lemon are a match made in heaven. Move on from the classic gin and tonic with ice and a slice and upgrade to Limoncello Gin Fizz Cocktails. Props to anyone who makes their own limoncello (you can find my recipe here).

2. Boozy Bramble Cake

Boozy Bramble Cake

This Boozy Bramble Cake comes from Jen over at Jen’s Food. She’s taken some wonderful, classic flavour combinations and turned them into the most delicious gin filled cake.

3. Gin and Melon Slushies

Gin and Melon Slushie Fellow gin lover Helen from Fuss Free Flavours has a wonderfully refreshing recipe for Gin and Melon slushies – perfect for summer!

4. Juniper and Champagne Cocktail

Juniper and Champagne Cocktail full length Although this cocktail doesn’t actually involve a drop of Mother’s ruin itself, it is flavoured with juniper berries, the key ingredient in making gin. A wonderful cocktail for sophisticated occasions.

5. Sloe Gin Cupcakes

Sloe Gin Cupcakes

6. Rhurbarb Gin

Rhubarb Gin Why not add a fruity twist to that bottle of gin sat in the back of your drinks cupboard. Foodie Quine shows us how to make Rhubarb Gin.

7. Bombay Sapphire & Tonic Jellies

Bombay Saphire Jellies Jelly shots are loved for a reason…who doesn’t love jelly and alcohol?! These Gin & Tonic Jellies from Fuss Free Flavours are a fab dessert for us big kids.

8. Blood Orange Gin Fizz

Get squeezing your oranges!
Get squeezing your oranges!

This is another incredibly simple gin cocktail made with the juice of blood oranges. Adnams, Death’s Door, Bombay Sapphire and Beefeater all work well with orange so would be a great addition to this recipe but feel free to use any gin you’ve got!

9. Raspberry Gin Trifle

Raspberry Gin Trifle Foodie Quine has a fantastic recipe for a raspberry trifle spiked with gin. How British!

10. Bombay Fever Pink Gin

Bombay Pink Fever Gin

And last but not least this is one of my favourite recipes – made with the Rhubarb and Ginger Gin Liqueur from Edinburgh Gin its a sweet and spicy cocktail that will slip down all too easily!

On that note I’m going to go an make one of these bad boys – you might remember from my post on Edinburgh I actually visited the Edinburgh Gin distillery and I’ve needed an excuse to crack open my bottle of the Rhubarb and Ginger Liqueur!

Happy world gin day everybody.

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