Artisan Sausage Making Class with Jenius Social

Artisan Sausage Making Class with Jenius Social

Tieing Sausages Artisan Sausage Making at Jenius Social

Taking a break from recipes today, I wanted to share with you my recent experience of the artisan sausage making class at Jenius Social.

Jenius Social is a foodie hub in Holloway, North London that offers food and drink master classes, hands on cookery classes as well as supper clubs and corporate events.

Sausage Mix Artisan Sausage Making at Jenius Social

I first came across Jenius Social last year. My new years resolution had been to book myself into a couple of cookery schools to learn some new skills. Since then I’ve attended the School of Wok twice (first for their Taste of China Town full day class and china town tour, and then again for one of their dim sum master classes), the Meringue Girls master class and Pimp My Profiterole class at Jenius Social. London has some absolutely fantastic cookery schools and I can recommend all of the classes that I have been on so far.

What brought me back to Jenius Social was that I knew the teacher was bound to be incredibly knowledgeable my teacher was, the class was well priced (they are REALLY good value for money considering how much food you take away) and because it’s in a really convenient location. Most cookery schools are located in central London, but Jenius Social is more in my neck of the words, great for anyone else living in the suburbs.

Mixing sausages Artisan Sausage Making at Jenius Social

So, I booked my Dad and I on to the class and off we went. It turned out that we were the only two people attending the class on the day. As we arrived, a class of 6 had just finished the Butchery Class. My Dad has now decided he wants to come to that class next! (Fathers day present idea alert….)

After a quick drink and a change in to some rather fetching overalls, we joined Luke (the resident butcher) for our lesson. During the class we covered a bunch of skills including:

  • linking of sausages;
  • how to fill sausages;
  • how to create sausage mixes;
  • how to cook sausages; and
  • flavour balancing & use of spices.

Filling sausages Artisan Sausage Making at Jenius Social

Luke had an insane amount of knowledge and could tell you absolutely everything you needed to know from the rearing of the livestock to the casings used in your sausages. He’s also a great teacher making you feel incredibly relaxed from the moment you step in to the class. His sense of humour is fantastic and my Dad and I both had a brilliant time.

For me the best bit was linking the sausages – I felt like a real butcher as I mastered the technique. Dad on the other hand loved filling the sausages. Dad was a real pro but I somehow managed to make some absolute monsters. Even the smallest of my giant sausages could feed a family of four. I’ve always said I’ve got eyes bigger than my stomach…

Linking sausages Artisan Sausage Making at Jenius Social

After preparing our sausages and having a taste of one or two, we had the unenviable task of taking the sausages home – all 9 kilograms of them! When I mentioned the convenient location of Jenius Social earlier on, this is why! I took my half of the sausages and we made the short walk to the tube without dropping them or breaking the bags. Needless to say we got a lift at the other end…

All in all, I’d highly recommend the sausage making class. Hopefully you can see from my photos just how much fun we had. If you’ve ever been curious about how to make chorizo, hot Italian sausages, garlic filled French sausages or even spicy African sausages then this is the class for you. Luke can offer so much advice and was kind enough to pass his details on to us should we have any questions when making sausages at home.

Threading the casing Artisan Sausage Making at Jenius Social

I strongly believe that home made food is best and by learning how to make sausages you never have to eat a bland, processed sausage ever again. with a fridge full of sheep intestines and lots of ideas for sausage flavours, all I need now is a sausage machine of your own. Dad and I are looking to invest in one together, so I’ll be scouring ebay until I find the perfect one!

Finished product Artisan Sausage Making at Jenius Social

Have you ever attended a cookery class at Jenius Social? Or perhaps there’s another cookery school you’d recommend? I’d love to hear from you. Until then, happy sausage making!

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13 thoughts on “Artisan Sausage Making Class with Jenius Social”

  • I’ve always rather fancied trying my hand at sausage making. When we lived in Canada for a couple of years I actually got “British” sausages made up in bulk by the local butcher (with imported spices and a British recipe) and sold them to the expats, but I never got hands on! Love the scarf in your hair too, very stylish!

    • What a lovely butcher to do that! A great idea of bringing Britain to the expats! It’s so incredibly easy to do I’d definitely recommend a machine. Kitchen Craft and Lake land both sell them for roughly £25a

    • Hi Elizabeth I’m glad you like the pictures 😀 I’d definitely recommend giving it a go. The finished product t isn’t bad either 😉

  • The course sounds great, especially as you took home nine kilos of sausages! I bet your freezer is full now 🙂 it looks really fun, I will have to see what courses are available in my area.

    • You do not wanna see my freezer right now hahah. Sausages everywhere! Poor Jon didn’t know where to look. That’s a lot of meat t suddenly appear in your freezer when you’re a vegetarian haha. Luckily he’s understanding. I just need some BBQ weather now so I can enjoy them!

    • Hi Michelle thanks for stopping by! Perhaps making sausage could be a fun father son activity! It’s a great way of kids learning what goes into their food. If you experiment with flavours you might also find some sausages you like!

  • Hooray for cooking classes and for sausages! It looks like you and your dad had an amazing time! And 9 kilos of sausage to take away sounds like the ultimate!
    You’ve definitely got your Father’s Day gift ready!
    Love your pics too: )
    Happy Friday and thanks for sharing. Wish I lived in London !

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