How to build a taco bar!

How to build a taco bar inspiration

I think I’ve found my calling in life – throwing piñata parties! Not for children, but adult piñata parties. (Does that sound just a tad seedy?) Last weekend we had some of Jon’s old work friends round to drink tequila, have a good old natter and to eat some top quality Mexican food. With that in mind I put together this taco bar.

I seriously love to host. There’s just something so satisfying about making your home beautiful and inviting and putting on food and drink to make your guests content. I’ve previously posted some of my top tips for hosting a dinner party but today I want to share this fun, laid back, dinner party theme centred around the taco bar. I had so much fun putting it together and the food went down a treat so I am clearly on to a winner here.

What is a taco bar?

Now, what is a taco bar you might ask?… It’s essentially a tex-mex inspired buffet stacked high with taco shells, a range of salsas, dips, cheese, your favourite meats and other eats. We loaded ours with a big bowl of carnitas (or Mexican pulled pork) as well as chipotle chilli, a mango salsa, a traditional tomato salsa and much more. I’ll be sharing the recipes for most of the dishes over the next few weeks but until then here’s some inspiration.

Labelled how to build a taco bar

Favouite Mexican Recipes

You can, of course, put anything you like on your taco bar. But here are some of my favourite dishes which I included in my taco bar:

Salsa and avocado for taco bar

Decorate your table

Colourful linen makes the table stand out, and why not add some height to the table with a TV tray or perhaps wooden crates containing all the ingredients you need for refreshing largeritas (margaritas made with lager – trust me it works)! A piñata at the end of the table also makes a fun table decoration and will provide at least 30 minutes of fun later in the night!

Viva piñata

Ok…so the piñata didn’t live forever…but he was well worth the money. Whether you’re throwing a taco bar for kids, families or just for grown ups I think a piñata is a must. Tequila shots for everyone who fails to bust it open. Goodies for the winner!

Now that’s how you build a taco bar – what would you add to yours, I’d love to here in the comments below.

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