My Week in Pictures – I did it, I lost a stone!

My Week in Pictures – I did it, I lost a stone!

Guess what, I’ve only gone and done it! I’ve lost a whole stone (6.35kg) in eight weeks! I was so happy when I stepped on the scales this morning – it’s lovely to see the hard work has paid off.

For those of you who don’t know how much of a big deal this is you can see my original post here.

I’m pleased to say Jon has also hit his target losing 1 stone and 2 lbs (7.25kg)! We both still have a long way to go though, so we are setting ourselves a new challenge of losing another stone in 12 weeks. I had originally given us long to lose the second stone as I thought we might find it more difficult to shift the fat as we got leaner. This definitely seems the case for me but Jon is still losing weight pretty quickly and easily. Still, 12 weeks seems a sensible target.

The best bit about this week though wasn’t stepping on the scales and seeing 8 stone 10 lbs, it was fitting into one of my suits! I bought the suit just before I started my training contract and it fit like a glove. The pencil skirt hugging my figure (bum) in all the right places! Unfortunately it went straight to the back of the wardrobe when the hours got long and dominos pizza and kebabs became my dinners of choice. To wear it again (even if it is still a teency bit tight) is awesome. I was starting to think I’d never fit into it again.

Now that I’ve gushed enough – here are this weeks pictures which pretty much sum it up!

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