Diet and Fitness Progress Report

Hi folks! A lot of you have been asking how the weight loss has been going as it’s been a while since I’ve done a post to update you all. Those of you who follow me on twitter probably know more than you’d like to, but here’s an update. Nearly 6 weeks a go now, Jon (that’s my partner) and I decided we were going to get ourselves in to shape once and for all. We’ve both had some health issues lately which may, or may not, be weight related so we decided to do something about it.

Exercise plan: strenght, cardio, abs
Exercise plan: strenght, cardio, abs

The plan

The target: lose a stone in 8 weeks. That’s 2lbs a week, with a 2lb leeway because let’s be honest nothing ever goes as smoothly as you’d like it to! The eating plan: lighter lunches were going to be key, salads rather than sandwiches and certainly no more cooked dinners in the work canteen! We also aimed to keep cooking hearty and healthy dinners but reducing portion sizes. The exercise plan: aim to work out for 30mins every evening during the week. At weekends, go for at least one (if not two) long runs in the local park/fields.

The past

The first week was amazing. We lost a combined total of 10lbs!!! Which was quite simply, insane.

Diet Plan: (Sushi) Salads!
Diet Plan: (Sushi) Salads!

The next week we lost the expected 2lbs and this continued until the week 4 weigh in. We had both put on 2lbs. Now it wasn’t a complete disaster! The week before, the scales were showing a total loss of 10lbs which was more than I had planned to lose by that stage. I still had time to make things right. But then we weighed in again last Sunday and we had stayed the same… I was really quite down about it. I had only lost a total of 8lbs by week 5. I was now 2 lbs behind target and all I could focus on was that I had wasted two weeks of weight loss, rather than looking forward and seeing that I still had 3 weeks to lose the required 6lbs to meet my target of losing a stone overall.

The present

We’re now partway through week 5 and I have managed to shift almost all of those 2 lbs (a pesky 0.25 of a lb is currently standing in my way!) If I can shift a total of 4lbs this week I will be ecstatic. If I can shift 3lbs I will be pretty damn happy. But even 2lbs will be a step in the right direction.

Exercise plan: Long runs in the park.
Exercise plan: Long runs in the park.

I’m putting this breakthrough down to increased frequency of exercise (this week might actually be the first week I exercise for 7 days+ in a row) and the fact that we have upped a level on our exercise plan. We are now doing jump training (or metabolic training to give it it’s correct name) and it is making a BIG difference.

The future

You might question why I am so obsessed by this numbers game. I am counting calories, and watching the numbers go down on my scales. For me this is the easiest way of making sure I am on track. The scales don’t lie, they are consistent and easy to read.

Diet Plan: Swapping sweeties for fruit
Diet Plan: Swapping sweeties for fruit

But this isn’t the only thing I’m monitoring. My general appearance for one has definitely improved and I’m fitting back into clothes I haven’t worn in months! I’m hoping it’s not too long before I actually fit back into my suits! I’m not seeing the health results I want to see just yet but then I am still teetering on the edge of my recommended BMI. There is a way to go yet! I’ve also invested in something which I think may help going forward…more on that in a second.

The 12 week plan

Once these 8 weeks are up our plan isn’t to stop there. Both Jon and I need to lose more than a stone. Ideally 2 stone if we can! This will mean we are both comfortably within our recommended BMI.

Diet plan: spa water instead of fizzy drinks
Diet plan: spa water instead of fizzy drinks

With that in mind once the 8 weeks are up, on 3 of May, we will begin the next phase of our weight loss journey. We are going to give ourselves 12 weeks to lose the next stone. Why the extra 4 weeks? It’s a well-known fact that the closer to a healthy weight you are, the harder it is to shift the weight. In the beginning you’re making big changes and your body responds quickly but we have already seen our body begin to resist our efforts and we have only lost ¾ of a stone. So, instead of aiming for a 2lb weight loss each week we’ll aim for just over 1lb (obviously any more is a bonus!)

To keep me focused I’ve invested in a fitness and diet journal from Daily Greatness. It hasn’t arrived yet but I am super excited. Not least because I love stationery and organisation but because it’s as if someone read my mind and put together a fab fitness and diet resource in a really stylish format. If you want to check it out you can do so here which will give you 5% off if you buy one. Woo hoo! I know a lot of you have avidly been following my progress on twitter and Instagram so I’m going to try and be better at keeping you all up to date on here too. I’ll also continue sharing tasty diet recipes along the way.

The recipes

To whet your appetite, here are some of my favourite “skinny” bakes! I hope you like them.

Skinny Carrot Cake

Wholemeal Breakfast Muffins

Roasted Plums with Star Anise

Pineapple Tea Cake

Almost Fat Free Banana Bread

Do pop back again soon for more recipes an more updates on my super healthy diet and fitness regime!

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  • I love this update and I support you 100% in your journey. You’ve got great ideas and great recipes in hand! Kudos to you for the accomplishments you’ve both achieved and to reaching your goals: ) I admire that!
    Have an amazing weekend!

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