Meal Planning Monday

Meal Planning Monday

Meal Planning Mondays #2

Good news folks!

My weight loss challenge is MORE than on track. We were hoping to lose 2lbs a week over a period of 8 weeks but this week lost a whopping 10lbs between us! I lost 4lbs and Jon lost 6lbs. I know its always easier to lose weight in the beginning so I’m not getting complacent. If I can keep these 4lbs off for a week I’ll be happy (and still on track to lose a stone), if I lose any more then even better!

With that in mind, I’ve tried to put together another healthy eating plan this week.

Monday – Cauliflower egg fried “rice”

Tuesday – Covent Garden Soup

Wednesday – Rainbow Food Processor Salad with grilled halloumi

Thursday – Kale and Canellini Beans

Friday – Indonesian Vegetable Curry with Rice

Saturday & Sunday – As always we are taking Saturday and Sunday off plan. We know we are eating out on Sunday and will do our best to counteract that on Saturday with something super healthy.

The cauliflower egg fried rice is a recipe I’ve wanted to try for a while – the idea is you replace the rice with cauliflower which has been crumbled up to have the same texture. Once I’ve perfected it I’ll share it with the rest of you because it’s seriously low in calories and fat!

I know that a carton of soup is a bit of a cheats meal, but when I’m trying to be good I find that Covent Garden Soups (and Glorious soups) are a fantastic quick and easy meal which tastes fab and is really low in calories (if you pick the right flavour).

The next two dinners this week are also very easy. Kale and canellini beans was kindly recommended to me by Lia from Lifestyle with Lia. I’m gong to try and convince her to do a guest post and share the recipe with you soon!)

And, the rainbow food processor salad is one of my favourite lazy dishes. Simply chuck it in the food processor and you are pretty much done!

We don’t have much on at work this week so we should be able to get in 30 mins of exercise every day. Perhaps even a run or two at the weekend if I’m lucky.

Is anyone else using these meal planning Mondays to put together a low calorie meal plan? I’d love to get some more inspiration – 1 week down, 7 more to go!!!

4 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday”

  • Oh I’m so flattered! Thanks for mentioning me and the kale recipe! I’d be honored to guest post! Please let me know…
    PS the menu plan looks delicious and congrats to you both on your weight loss this week!

    • Thanks Lia I tried emailing the email linked to you comments. Please check your spam :-p my partner says it’s one of his favourite meals now haha!

      • Hi there! I’m sorry I didn’t see your email… Please send it again? I’ve had lots go to spam lately from other sites so it’s possible it got discarded automatically… Sorry about that!
        PS: I’m so glad it’s a hit at home!

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