My Week in Pictures: Chinese New Year and Pancake Day

My Week in Pictures: Chinese New Year and Pancake Day

Good evening! It’s been one hell of a week hasn’t it – with pancake day AND Chinese New Year I bet you’ve all been busy in the kitchen! I spent an inordinate amount of time in the kitchen yesterday cooking a HUGE feast for my family who visited for Chinese New Year. I can’t get enough of hosting – if only there was a way to make money by cooking….oh wait.

On to my week. This week:

I worked incredibly long hours. One of my lovely readers, Jen, was quite shocked at my 70 hour week. It’s not like this every week but it’s certainly not uncommon. There are so many misconceptions about what a lawyer (and in my case a corporate lawyer) does! Is there a common misunderstanding about your job? What is it?!

Favourite recipe I made: the ONLY day I actually cooked this week was Saturday. That probably sounds a bit crazy for a food blogger but when you’re getting home from work at midnight (I live about a 40 minute taxi ride away from work) you’re definitely not going to be doing any cooking. My favourite thing I did cook were my Chinese Slow Cooked Ribs. I’m going to draft the blog post tonight so hopefully they’ll be posted before you know it 😀

I read the rules to my new dishwasher. We had two days without one and the mess left in the sink stressed me out massively. My quality of life is improved tenfold with a dishwasher in the kitchen…and no I don’t mean Jon!

I blogged…oh wait. I didn’t. Woops! Don’t worry I’ll be back in action this week.

You read a whole host of weird and wonderful recipes this week. My Christmas posts in particular seem to have been popular – which one of you is planning for next year already?! My most popular posts however were Mini Nutella and Strawberry Pancake Stacks and my Giant Iced Cookie Cake.

You blogged and I read this recipe for Cashewnut Chocolate Spread from Chocolate Log Blog as well as these 41 Insanely Good Vegan Lunches from Jac at Tinned Tomatoes. I might not be a vegan, or even vegetarian, but as Jon is and we both like to avoid processed food as much as we can, this round-up has been really useful! There are quite a few recipes we hope to try when work calms down.

I went to Ye Old Cherry Tree on Southgate Green, N14 for lunch on Sunday. It’s part of the Vintage Inn chain and does some seriously good pub grub. Their ‘Vintage Pies’ are amazing. There really is no better way to describe them!

What have you been up to this week? Did you go all out for pancake day or throw a huge Chinese New Year Feast like I did?

2 thoughts on “My Week in Pictures: Chinese New Year and Pancake Day”

  • I love this post! What an amazing week you’ve had! And a busy one too!
    I need those ribs, by the way…They look delicious!
    Your photos are great too….they show the joy you and your guests shared at the party!

    • Hi Lia! Thank you as always for your kind words. I’m really hoping this week is a bit more laid back :-p hope you have a lovely week too xxx

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