My Week in Pictures

My Week in Pictures

I’ve got it. The dreaded “writer’s block”. I keep cooking and cooking and I have a whole backlog of recipes ready to make their way to the blog, but as soon as I try to put pen to paper (or hand to keyboard) I find myself at a loss. Where on earth am I meant to start?!

As long as I’ve had a food blog, it has always been the cooking part that has come more easily to me. Though, I had dreams of being a writer when I was little and my Dad had promised he would get some of my stories published. My secondary school teachers also had high hopes for me, but at some point during university I completely lost my voice and I’ve been struggling to write ever since. The last few months it has been worse than ever.

Although my laptop is left getting dusty, my kitchen is a whirlwind of activity and its not dust the surfaces are collecting but flour and icing sugar.

Most of the cooking over the last 4 weeks has been very festive indeed including dozens of mince pies and Christmas character cupcakes. I’ve even been making my own limoncello and I finally baked my Christmas cake just last week. There’s so much I want to share but it’s almost unbearable staring at the laptop screen when the words just don’t come to you.

If anyone has any magic tricks for breaking through this barrier I would be eternally thankful.

In the meantime I’ll keep cooking and I’ll keep clicking away on my camera. It’s been a few weeks since I shared any with you, so here is a slightly late My Week in Pictures.


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