My Week in Pictures

My Week in Pictures

Every week it gets harder and harder to pick just a few photos to share on this feature. So I've done my best to cut them down! Here we go...

The poppies: on Monday I started working at a client of my law firm. I’ll be on secondment for about a month. It’s a nice break from the madness of the office and I’m certainly making the most of the earlier hours! Another perk is that the offices are practically on St Katherine’s Docks so I get to walk past Tower of London everyday and see the wonderful poppy installation.

Did you get a chance to go and see them?

Dim sum: after finishing my first week on secondment I thought I would treat myself to a cheeky lunch of dim sum on the docks overlooking the wonderful yachts and other boats. I had a friend dim sum selection, three types of steamed dumpling and a big bowl of fried rice. Yum!

Barbecoa butchers: On Friday I had to trek back over to my firm’s offices as I was picking my meat up from Barbecoa Butchers by St Paul’s for our thanksgiving dinner. Funny story – the guy who took my meat order had misheard what I had said and thought I was Emma Watson. They had been waiting all day to meet Hermione Granger so were a little disappointed when little old me turned up!

Christmas lights: This weekend Southgate, N14 held their annual Christmas fair and Christmas lights switch on. Unfortunately we weren’t able to go along to the fair – I would’ve loved to have stroked the reindeer or gone ice-skating but we were too busy with out thanksgiving meal. Don’t the lights look pretty though?

Pretzels: This last photo I can’t really take credit for. On Saturday morning Jon got up bright and early and baked pretzels! They turned out amazingly well. I am very very impressed. Have you ever tried baking them before?

As I’ve mentioned already this weekend we also hosted a Thanksgiving dinner. No we aren’t American, but our Christmas is going to be a little fractured this year with family members split up at different houses across the country. So, we decided we would all host one big meal in the run up to the big day.

I got to host Thanksgiving and my sister will be hosting “Pre-Christmas” as we are calling it. My Dad will still do dinner on Christmas Day but it will just be him, my mum, my Nan (who sadly has now got dementia) and I. Jon will hopefully make an appearance later in the day but my sister will be in Nottingham until boxing day, spending time with her boyfriends family.

Thanksgiving was the perfect way to start the festive season though. I cooked a big glazed ham, roast potatoes, butternut squash dauphinoise, loads of veggies, stuffing and more! Oh, I made a pecan pie and cherry pie too! One of the best bits was putting slips of paper into a jar which mentioned things we are all grateful for. We all then went round the table drawing one out, reading it and guessing who had written it!

We have an awful lot to be grateful for!

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