My Week in Pictures

My Week in Pictures

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Yet another week has whizzed by.

On Monday we awoke to a frosty morning and found ourselves scraping the ice off of the car before we could head off to work! As much as I love winter, wrapped up warm in scarves and wool coats, I didn’t fancy getting icy at 8am!

I had some good news during the week at work. I am going on a client secondment, working in the legal department of one of our clients in the run up to a couple of big deals they are sending our way. It’s very exciting and a good chance for me to do some networking as well as seeing what an in-house legal department is like in comparison to private practice.

To celebrate on Friday I cooked myself a spicy prawn curry and opened a bottle of cider. Jon was out with friends so I didn’t have to fight anyone for the poppadoms for a change!

In between working hard we also found time to go to the Walker Cricket Ground in Southgate, Londonfor the annual firework display. The food at the fireworks was amazing one stall even had a wood fired pizza oven! Only in Southgate!

Last but not least, we attended Finley’s 1st birthday today! Finley is our nephew and incredibly adorable. I’ve added a couple of cute photos because we are very proud aunts and uncles!

If possible this week is going to be even busier. I’m heading to Tower Hill to see the poppy’s for remembrance day, we are also having my family to stay at the weekend and hosting a thanksgiving meal so I’m sure there will be lots of pictures next weekend too!

See you next Sunday…

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