My Week in Pictures

My Week in Pictures

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I was contemplating opening this post with

This week I’ve been naughty…

mainly because I’ve not lived up to the “perfect” food blogger standard. I didn’t cooked anything new or exciting, instead I re-blogged my Skinny Moussaka and decorated some rather simple Halloween Cupcakes. Not only did I avoid any sort of recipe development, I actually ordered a takeaway… more than once! (Chinese, pizza, etc.) And just generally lived an unrefined life.

BUT on second thoughts that doesn’t make me “naughty,” it makes me a perfectly normal human being! The worst thing about being a blogger is that there are a hundred other bloggers out there generating recipes at a ridiculous rate, taking fantastic photos and just generally living a virtuous, organised, simple life. This is so not me right now, and I don’t really care!

So here are a few shots from my week. A week spent being lazy, gorging on junk food and drinking too much wine and cider.

Perhaps I’ll try to be a bit better next week…but perhaps not!

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