How to throw a Eurovision Party

How to throw a Eurovision Party
Great British finger food
Great British finger food

Ever since I was little I’ve loved watching Eurovision and we watch it every year without fail. In fact most of my early political education came from Terry Wogan and my dad ranting about the various countries voting for their “friends”. What do you mean the phrase ‘block voting’ doesn’t roll off of the tounge of every 8 year old child?

It started off as an occassion where I got to stay up late. As I got older it became a good excuse to order a take away and pour a glass of wine. Now its the perfect reason to throw a eurotastic Eurovision party!


If you’ve got this far I think its fair to assume you love all things Eurovision too which means tack, glitz, neon and sparkles as well as some patriotism thrown in for good measure. With catchy tunes thrown into the mix as well Eurovision is a fantastic time to throw a party.

With that in mind here are my tips on how to throw an awesome Eurovision party.

1. Send out your invites – Eurovision fans only!

Never invite people who just don’t get Eurovision – I’ve made this mistake before… Inviting them means a night of explaining why cross dressing and clogs are fun when you should be singing. Invite just hardcore Eurovision fans for a fantastic atmosphere.

2. Theme the party

You have roughly three choices for theming. (1.) This years host country, (2.) Your own country – assuming they’ve made it to the final or (3.) All countries in the competition – for true Eurofans.

3. Make sure you have plenty of (themed) food and drink

The night is a long one. Especially if you sit out the voting results to the very end,so you will need to put on a good spread along with crisps, nuts and other snacks.

Why not only serve food from the host country, or put on an international buffet representing various countries in the competition.

Swedish meatballs anyone?

Eurovision themed cookies are also a fantastic idea to bake and send home with your guests as souvenirs.

4. Enforce a fancy dress code

Everyone has more fun when they are dressed up! You could either stick with your theme, or suggest your guests come as their favourite historic Eurovision act – Lordi could be fun, or perhaps bucks fizz?

Being dressed as different countries represented in the contest is also fun! Why not combine this with a sweepstake (see below).

Red, white and blue
Red, white and blue

5. Flags, flags and more flags

Flags are essential for the voting section of the competition. Help your fans get behind their favourite act with the national flag for lits of enthusiastic waving.

6. Run a Eurovision sweepstake

Get each of your guests to pull a country repsented at the contest out of a hat. They will then have to support this country all night (and why not throw a £1 in the pot each with the winner taking home the lot?) That will get the flags waving hard!

7. Set up a Eurovision playlist

Believe it or not Eurovision hits both past and present can be found on spotify and itunes. Why not set up a Eurotastic playlist with all your favourite Eurovision songs to help get the party going as your guests arrive.

8. Don’t forget the scorecards.

Once upon a time you had to keep track of your favourite in your head. Now you can download a scorecard on the BBC website allowing you to rate everything from song to costume. You’ve never made such an informed choice in your life! (If only voting in the local elections was made as easy!)

Union jack cupcakes
Union jack cupcakes

9. Singalong

Click the red buttob while watching for the song lyrics. You can then singalong to yoir favourite Eurotrash hit or warble along to a ballad or two.

10. Get in paper plates and cups.

These can easily be matched with your theme and mean you won’t have to spend the second half of the competition stood at the sink while your guests giggle in the lounge.

The best Eurovision parties involve people getting together and having a good laugh so as host make sure you too can sit back and relax! Afterall Eurovision was set up to bring people together.

So there you are – you are now a pro at hosting a Eurovision party. Too late to host one this year? Don’t panic the countdown to Eurovision 2015 is about to begin!

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