House Warming Gift Ideas: Breakfast in Bed Hamper

House Warming Gift Ideas: Breakfast in Bed Hamper
Breakfast in Bed Hamper
Breakfast in Bed Hamper

Having moved house twice wiith my parents, into three student houses, a north London flat and now having helped move my sister into her first home with her partner, I feel like I know a thing or two about how to move house.

I did intend to share my wisdom about how to make moving house less stressful but unfortunately the excitement of moving in with Jon took over and the post fell by the wayside. Perhaps that post will make its way on here sometime soon…

When my sister found out the offer on her house had been expected and she was to be moving in with partner Chris I started giving my advice. Just a week before they were set to move however I suddenly became unstuck. I had no idea what to get them for a house warming gift.

My sister like many others had been to university and as such had collected a lot of the household essentials she needed. She then moved in to a professional house share and started acquiring artwork and nick-nacks that would also move into her new home with her so buying her a present became increasingly difficult.

I searched and searched the internet looking for a unique house warming present that I knew not only she would love, but that I would love to give! I always think its important that a gift reflects the giver as well as the recipient so if possible I wanted it to be food related. But ideas for a food related house warming gift were hard to come by.

I considered a generic house warming hamper: with wine, chocolates, tea bags and other tasty treats but that didn’t seem special enough to me.

A breakfast in bed hamper however sounded perfect!

Her partner Chris is a saint, he dotes on her hand and foot, so I thought a breakfast in bed hamper would be perfect not only as something he could share with her but something she could share with him too.

Rather than using a wicker hamper as a base, I bought a wooden breakfast in bed tray. These can be bought in shops like Marks and Spencer as well as Asda for as little as £8.

Next I had to decide what food to include. Champagne was a definite. You can’t have a celebration without Champagne and it a classic house warming present.

House warming - a celebration isn't complete without champagne
House warming – a celebration isn’t complete without champagne

Smoked salmon and eggs also went on to the tray. Being a whisky lover, Jon added his own touch to the gift by selecting a whisky smoked salmon from Marks and Spencers. Bagels went on to the tray next but I still felt like we needed more.

Both my sister and her boyfriend have a sweet tooth so I decided to add some breakfast pastries. I could’ve gone for the ready made kind but being a lover of baking I thought it would be fun to buy them the Jus-Rol Croissant and Cinnamon Swirl packets so that they could feel like they had baked their own – even if not from scratch.

All in all I was very impressed with how the breakfast in bed tray turned out!

Other ideas I had for the breakfast in bed gift included:

  • Bucks fizz;
  • Orange Juice;
  • Grapefruits;
  • Toast rack;
  • Butter dish;
  • Selection of jams;
  • Home-made butter;
  • Egg cups;
  • Tea;
  • Coffee;
  • Pancakes; and
  • Waffles.

Hampers are a fantastic way of giving a personalised gift and had my sister preferred toast to bagels, perhaps I would have added the toast rack. I knew she had egg cups already so I left these out.

If you are thinking of giving a breakfast in bed hamper as a gift why not try and find out what their favourite breakfasts are. Do they love pain au chocolat rather than croissants? Or do they love a cup of tea or coffee in the morning – why not add a fancy blend?

The happy home of Niki and Chris
The happy home of Niki and Chris

Moving house is such an exciting time and it is a landmark moment in most peoples lives so I think its important to do something special. We spent a wonderful weekend with the happy couple and my parents helping them move boxes, unpack and then celebrate in style with a BBQ and the obligatory champagne.

I was delighted this morning when I received a picture of the two of them enjoying poached eggs with smoked salmon on bagels, sat in their bed. I felt like I had helped to make the occasion that little bit more special and isn’t that what giving a gift is all about?

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