Working 9 – 5…5am that is…

Hi folks have you missed me?! A lot has been happening around here. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin…

Over a month or so ago I started my training contract in a large City firm. Things were going swimingly and I was living the dream. One night while I and my fellow trainees were out singing kareoke I had a freak accident that changed everything.

I was dancing away when someone bumped in to me. I stuck my hand out to steady myself like anyone would but rather unfortunately I chose to steady myself directly onto a wine glass that crumpled beneath me. Ouch.

After 5hours in A&E it was decided I needed a plastic surgeons opinion and I was sent home with little more than a few pain killers and a plaster

It was worse than anyone expected. I had torn a muscle and severed a nerve (but luckily not any tendons).

Now picture yourself on the first day you start working in the office (until now we had been on an induction course), walking in with a large bandage announcing “I can’t write, can’t type, can’t use a phone, can’t go to the loo unaided or dress myself in the mornings…oh and can I take time off next week for an operation and then drs appointments and physio thereafter?!” And so the nightmare began…

Personally I think I dealt with the injury quite well though Jon would probably say differently. As you’ve probably guessed it stopped me being in the kitchen too and almost 6 weeks on I still can’t lift a pan.

But it hasn’t just been my injury keeping me out of the kitchen. My new job has pretty much kept me out of the flat altogether. Now I always knew being a city solicitor wasn’t a 9-5 jon but for the last two weeks its been manic.

3 deals completing at the same time meant for a fortnight I worked until gone 1am everynight. After just 4hours sleep I’d then get up an do it all over again. One weekend I even worked through until 4am, slept in the sleep pods at work and got up at 8!

Unfortunately for me one of the deals is still ongoing but we are going through a quiet patch and I wanted to take the time to get back to writing.

As you can see my life at the minute doesn’t leave a lot of room for my friends, or family let alone my kitchen or the blog and its been tough.

Nonetheless I’ve still got a lot I want to share and hope you’l stick by me and keep reading, as and when I do get to post!

Thanks for listening 🙂

2 thoughts on “Working 9 – 5…5am that is…”

  • Oh no! So sorry to hear about your accident! It sounds like it was a pretty dramatic one! It sucks when you have no time for your blog, but will look forward to your next post, take your time and hope everything gets sorted soon!


    • Thanks Freddi! It has been really tough. Health has to come first though. If work stays calm I’m hoping to post again this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for me – I certainly can’t haha.

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