Fruit Ice Cubes

This is an emergency broadcast: It is HOT!

Tonight I was going to share with you fun things like how my first full week at work went, or how Mr KG and I may have a flat in London (EEK! More on that soon…) and I was going to share with you the most amazing recipe for Crumble Topped Ocean Pie.

But you know what…it’s just far too hot for all that.

So instead I say stop whatever it is you are doing. Put your feet up and pour yourself a nice cold drink. We’re having a heat wave so let’s make the most of it.

Still if you’re looking for some heat-wave themed inspiration I’ve got just the thing for you…

With temperatures sticking around the 28/29 degree mark way into the evening we are fast running out of ways to cool us down.

We’ve filled an obscene amount of ice cube trays up and it seems we still never have any in the fridge.

But I can think of something much tastier than a humble ice cube that will jazz up any soft (and even alcoholic drink) – Fruit Ice Cubes.

The premise is simple. Either freeze your own, or buy a bag of frozen fruit (usually used for smoothies) and simply pop in your drink instead of ice cubes!!!

I’ve already poured myself a glass and I’m heading into the garden.

Blogging will resume at the weekend but for now I’m going to go and cool down. Speak soon.

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