Currently Craving: Fish!

This is the third post in my new series “Currently Craving.” Each month I will look at another food or drink that I am currently craving sharing with you my favourite recipes, or branded goods!

Currently Craving: Fish!

I mentioned in one of my posts a few weeks ago that I am now coming into the home stretch, with the final exams of my university career in just under two months time. It’s a very scary thought, but also a very exciting one! I definitely feel ready to leave uni behind and move on to the next challenge but unfortunately for me it’s not going quite how I planned just yet. I will be moving back home with my parents while I go to Law School in London. The fees are huge so it would be stupid to turn down free food and rent while struggling under a mountain of debt! So, all I can do now is try and do my best in these exams and as a result I started my first lot of revision today!

Just last week, I posted a fish recipe and discussed how oily fish in particular is great for your brain. Now I love fish at the best of times, but ever since doing that post I have absolutely been craving fish! Last night I was lucky enough to have fresh mackerel on toast for supper, and tonight I’ll be having salmon so I thought with fish at the top of my menu at the minute I would do a round-up for you of all of the fishy-posts from the first year of my little blogs life!

BBQ’d Sea Bass with New Potatoes
This is a delicious recipe for the BBQ season! All it takes is a big fresh sea bass and  a few  simple ingredients.

Asian Style Salmon with Cucumber and Red Onion Dipping Sauce
This is without a doubt my favourite salmon recipe AND my favourite Chinese recipe!!! It really is that good…give it a go…

Healthy Fish and Chips with Mushy Peas an Tartar Sauce!
If you love you Friday night fish and chips but don’t want to pile on the pounds, try my healthier version here! Less calories but no compromise on taste. How do I do it?!

Mackerel and Cream Cheese Pasta
Hugh Fernley-Whittingstal made this recipe a sensation overnight after he re-tweeted it! On that note, if you don’t already, why not follow me, just click here: @KitchenGoddess3

Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Blinis
This is one fish dish fit for a king(or Queen). These adorable canapes are perfect for fancy breakfasts in bed or buffets.

Home-made Fish Fingers
One of the best things about this recipe is that it works with  pretty much ANY piece of fish! So if you’re a student simply buy what’s cheap, if you’re concerned about the environment, avoid Cod, Gurnard fingers anyone?


Salmon with Dill and Creme Fraiche
This is another simply dish that is perfect for a summer evening!

Tuna Salad
Finally, something light for a lunch time a lovely tuna salad!

I hope you have enjoyed my fishy-round up!

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