Review: Tamatanga Nottingham

4th February 2012 – Tamatanga (Nottingham)

I am a massive curry fan. I’ve eaten a lot of curry in my time but I haven’t loved any curry restaurant as much as this one. If you want modern and innovative Indian cooking then Tamatanga is the restaurant for you!

When you walk in the place is buzzing! In a move similar to that of Wagamamas, they have gone for canteen style seating. This means that if you like to curl up in a private corner by yourselves you may be taken out of your comfort zone. You’ll be seated on a table big enough for 8, but the staff at Tamatanga are brilliant at gauging which diners to put with who and if you are a couple you’ll get a corner of the table all to yourself so you can still sit facing each other (and maybe even have a cheeky bit of footsie under the table!)

When it comes to ordering there are a whole host of different curries! I have been here so many times I can’t count the ones I’ve tried on my hands or feet and I still haven’t tasted even half of the menu! Though I’ve had at least one chicken, lamb and fish curry and each has been as beautiful as the last.

The chefs really know their Indian cuisine and each dish is perfectly balanced with the right spices and notes of sweet and sour! I highly recommend the Lamb Muglai, the Goan fish curry and their Butter Chicken is absolutely to die for!

BUT I’ve got ahead of myself…I’ve not even mentioned starters yet! Again, an excellent array of choice. There are the popular options such as onion bhajees but you’ll also find dishes like spiced potato cakes a.k.a. aloo tikki. (Did I mention these are a personal favourite of mine.) It’s worth noting you’ll find these rather oddly on the back of the menu as sides or tapas (you can have a selection of small dishes if you choose) but we like to have them before our mains! Trust me, you have to have a starter or you’re missing out!

But back to mains. There are a number of ways you can eat at Tamatanga. Come before 6pm for an early bird menu – slightly more limited but cheaper! Alternatively you can choose a curry bowl – these come with rice or a naan and you can pick any of their curries including the special that week!

Tip: It’s definitely worth following them on twitter or Facebook to get a heads up as to what the special is each week! It really makes your mouth water!

But, my favourite way to eat here is to go for the thali! First you choose a curry of your choice, then you get two vegetable curries, a dhal, chutney, poppadum’s, a veggie snack (usually an onion bhajee or something similar) and then either rice or a naan. The naans are a good size so we usually get rice with the thali then a naan to share on the side! (I can’t eat curry without both!)

Tip: go for the Tamatanga thali for a choice of TWO curries! (Well worth the extra money).

You’re encouraged to be traditional and eat with your hands, but you are also provided with a knife and fork for those who don’t what to get too messy!

There is also a variety of different wraps and tandoori dishes too! (For any vegetarians out there, the veggie shashlik is AMAZING think tandoori paneer!)

Their drinks menu is also really good – prices aren’t too bad considering their in the city centre, but I would also recommend you go for one of their lassis! They cool down the heat of your curry and a little more authenticity to the meal!

Tip: The flavours of lassi available change with the seasons.

As if that wasn’t enough for you then there’s a pudding menu too! I’ll be honest…by the time I’ve got through my starter, Tamatanga thali and my lassi…or two…I’m usually far too full for a pudding, having said that, they are the perfect size to give you a taste of a traditional Indian dessert which they are happy to let you share if you ask for an extra spoon! My recommendation is the gulab jamun. They are sponge balls in spiced syrup served with ice cream. SENSATIONAL!

If the thought of canteen dining hasn’t put you off, I would really recommend this restaurant. I highly doubt it will take long before they start expanding out of Nottingham – part of me likes the fact that it’s our little secret but I would love the chance to eat Tamatanga style when I went home in the holidays!

My final tip: Until the 30th March 2012 if you go to see a film at Cineworld in Corner House first you will get a 2 for 1 voucher on curry bowls! (Perfect for a Valentine’s Day Date?)

So from me Tamatanga gets 5*****’s! I can’t see how this restaurant will ever be anything other than perfect. Even the staff are lovely! I want to be their friends!

Check out Tamatanga at The Corner House, Trinity Square, Nottingham NG1 4DB or call 0115 9584848

Final, final tip: they now do take-away too!

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