2012 Food Trends

Last year I did a series of posts on the years biggest food trends. First I looked at cakepops, secondly whoopie pies, then macaroons, and finally miniature pies. This year food bloggers and journalists all seem divided on what they think will be the biggest 2012 food trends and the predictions are flying!

4Food (over at Channel 4) think we should be looking out for a proper cup of tea, pigs cheeks, microgastronomy (and if Heston’s new programme is anything to go by they are probably right), as well as Malaysian food and the concept of sharing.

The Telegraph think 2012 food trends will include Salt Beef and all things pickled!

My fellow food bloggers have predicted trends such as posh sandwiches, and exciting ice-cream flavour combinations!

To be honest none of these suggestions have really jumped out at me! A proper cup of tea? Tea has always been a popular drink in Britain – it’s part of what makes us British! And there are so many varieties of tea around now that I don’t really see what can be done to revolutionise this popular drink so much so to make it qualify as a 2012 food trend!

Pigs cheeks? Perhaps this may form a trend on restaurant menus but I struggle to see normal families tucking into these over Sunday dinner.

I think the problem I see with all of these suggestions, is that they are not that accessible. The key to the success of trends such as cupcakes, cakepops and whoopie pies etc are that they can easily be recreated in the home. Everyone can have a go at attempting their own!

Therefore I’d like to suggest what I think may develop into a Food Trend this year.

2012 Food Trends Predictions

1.) Frittatas, 2.) Record Breaking Food and 3.) Black Garlic


Fritattas may seem a bit of an odd one, but throughout the many blogs and food magazines I read, these keep cropping up. So what is there appeal? They are infinitely versatile – you can mix and match any flavour combination and match your filling to the seasons. They are also good all year round as they can be served hot or cold! They are perfect as a hot and healthy dinner over the remaining winter months, but they are also a brilliant cold dish for picnics and garden party buffets/BBQ’s in the summer months. This extra sharing element merely adds to its strengths!

If food writers continue to develop frittata recipes as quickly as they already have I think we will be seeing a lot more of delicious dish!

Here are some suggestions:

Record Breaking Food

I stumbled across the programme Man v Food at the beginning of my Christmas break, and have not looked back since! I thought I was the only person who knew about it, but the more I mentioned it to people the more I discovered they love it too! If you don’t know what I’m on about I urge you to check it out!

The concept of the programme is that the presenter travels around the US looking for the biggest and best home-style cooking and carries out various food challenges (such as eating 6 SERIOUSLY HOT hot wings.)

It shows you step by step how they cook their creations – and you instantly want to give it a go! How large can I make a Frittata? One restaurant serves one that weighs 6lb! Can I put a pizza on top of a pizza? Of course I can!

This type of record breaking food is not new. There are many sites on the Internet that will show you how to make your favourite foods in SUPER SIZE! Why not check out http://www.supersizedmeals.com/food/ for ideas!

As Man v Food continues to grow in popularity so will record breaking food making it a trend this year!

Black Garlic

If you haven’t heard of black garlic already, where have you been? It’s much sweeter than its white counterpart, and lets be honest, it just looks cool!

It has its own website, dedicated to suggesting recipes, and listing suppliers, but it has been on sale in Tesco’s since May 2011. Now that it is easily accessible hopefully this little food-stuff will grow and grow in popularity! Who knows, maybe it will become more popular than regular garlic!

So there are my predictions for the year! Who knows what exactly will become popular in the year to come – lets just have fun trying out all those ‘fads’ that come our way!

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