Summer Recipes

The sun doesn’t always shine during a British summer but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy seafood, salads, BBQs and more!

This page shows the best summer recipes from Supper in the Suburbs.

The Summer Archive

Soho Juice Co Martini
Soho Martini
There’s a new kid on the block, competing for attention in the soft drinks market. Their name is the Soho
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Chicken and Avocado Pizza
Bored of eating the same old pizzas? Try this vibrant Chicken and Avocado Pizza, the perfect light summer meal. Second
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This Strawberry and Gin Smash is the perfect summer cocktail, ideal for slowly sipping in front of the Tennis when Wimbledon kicks off later this week! Get the recipe at Supper in the Suburbs!
Strawberry and Gin Smash
Celebrate the start of summer and the Wimbledon tournament with this quintessentially English cocktail made with strawberry, tea and gin
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Elderflower Cordial
Find out just how easy it is to make Elderflower Cordial from scratch using fresh foraged elderflower. Elderflower cordial I
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Cranberry and Orange Cooler
Cool down with this long cocktail made with Cranes Cranberry Cider, Aperol and a splash of soda water. Very British
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Dark Chocolate and Passion Fruit Cupcakes
Dark Chocolate and Passion Fruit Cupcakes are the perfect balance of bittersweet chocolate and zesty passion fruit. Get the recipe
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Creamy Spinach and Artichoke Pasta Sauce
Spaghetti with Creamy Chicken, Spinach and Artichoke Sauce
Jump to Recipe Print RecipeThis big bowl of spaghetti, smothered with creamy chicken, spinach and artichoke pasta sauce is the perfect
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Three Bean Salad should have a permanent spot in your fridge. Its great on its own, as part of a meze platter, at BBQs, or a buffet spread! Find the recipe at Supper in the Suburbs
Three Bean Salad
Three Bean Salad is a healthy lunch that won’t leave you wanting more. It’s filling, tasty, and lasts well in
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Make this Blueberry Banana and Coconut Smoothie Recipe for your breakfast today its delicious and filling
Blueberry Banana and Coconut Smoothie
Shake Up Your Wake Up with this fun and fruity Blueberry, Banana and Coconut Smoothie. Breakfast Smoothies Jon has been
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Raspberry and Mango Smoothie with Chia Seeds Recipe from Supper in the Suburbs
Raspberry and Mango Smoothie with Chia Seeds
This bright and vibrant smoothie is made from raspberries and mango as well as a healthy dose of the superfood
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