Italian Recipes

There’s no doubt that Italian food is made with love. It’s about wholesome flavours, fresh ingredients and recipes that require the cook to take care. Whether it’s a big bowl of pasta, a risotto or pizza. Italian food is great for sharing with loved ones whatever the occasion.

Here you will find all of the Italian recipes I’ve shared with my friends, family and you the reader on the blog.

Featured recipe

Before you delve in to the full archive, make sure you’ve got fresh, home-made pasta down to an art!

The Italian Recipe Archive

Italian Turkey Burgers
The leaning tower of Turkey Burgers Last week I gave you the chance to vote on which recipe you’d like
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Matcha Tiramisu Cake
[Matcha May] Matcha Tiramisu Cake
Matcha Tiramisu Cake When I heard that teapigs  were holding ‘Matcha May’ I just knew I had to get involved.
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Baked Pasta Florentine
These last few weeks really have been all about clearing out the cupboards and fridge – partly in preparation for
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Chicken and Tomato Risotto
I overheard my parents talking the other day…they were wondering what they’re going to do when I leave home for
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Sausage and Asparagus Risotto
Updated: 19/04/2013 When I first posted this recipe I highlighted the age old issue of buying food that you just
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Lemon and Amaretti Cheesecake
This is the second of my party food posts from the weekend! First I posted a yummy Tenderstem Broccoli and
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Currently Craving: Mushroom Risotto
Past Craving’s: Fentinman’s Botanically Brewed Drinks, Bread, Fish and Popcorn! Welcome to this month’s Currently Craving! I have been waiting to
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Turkey Mince Ragu with Pasta
My Mum decided not to go to university because she had had enough of exams. She has a number of
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Tomato Mozzarella and Pesto Picnic Tart
I am really excited to be starting to explore real summer recipes! I’m sure you’ll agree with me that this
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