Greek Recipes

Many of my holidays as a teenager were spent on one or other of the Greek islands. As a result, Greek flavours are my go to when I want a tasty lunch or dinner that reminds me of soaking up the sun.

Make yourself a taste of summer with this Green inspired recipes.

The Greek Recipe Archive

BBQ’d Sea Bass with New Potatoes – AKA Exam Brain Food!
With just 3 weeks to go until my 2nd year law exams, the only part of the day where I
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Spinach Lasagne Rolls
These spinach and ricotta lasagne rolls will keep your lasagne cravings at bay. Scroll down for the recipe and freezing
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The East of England Food Festival!
Today we went to the The East of England Food Festival which was being held  at Knebworth Park and it was,
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Avocado Salad (v)
Sorry. This recipe is currently under development so that I can bring you more drool-worthy photos and a recipe that
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Almost Fat Free Banana Bread
At some point we all want to have our cake and eat it. But, when you’re on a diet or
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Classic Birthday Cake (UK measurements)
Whether you’re a seasoned baker or just starting out, this simple birthday cake recipe is ideal for any design or
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Fairy Cakes (UK measurements)
Bookmark this incredibly simple recipe for perfect fairy cakes everytime (and with UK measurements)! A classic recipe Here’s a fun
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