I don’t know about you but I’ve always got room for a dessert or pudding! These sweet recipes are the perfect ending to a meal.

The Pudding Recipe Archive

Candied Rose Petals
How to make candied rose petals, perfect for topping desserts and cakes
Making candied rose petals is quick and easy – just follow my simple steps and you will have sweet, crisp
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Fresh Fruit Cream Cake
This light and fruity cake is made with a class vanilla sponge recipe, smothered in sweetened whipped cream and topped
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These Mini Nutella and Strawberry Pancake Stacks are perfect for pancake day, valentines day, a birthday treat or, just because! Get the recipe at Supper in the Suburbs
Mini Nutella and Strawberry Pancake Stacks
What is the secret to making something instantly adorable? Make it miniature of course! These Mini Nutella and Strawberry Pancake
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