Autumn Recipes

I love the autumn: with crisp evenings, fallen leaves, snuggly jumpers and hearty dinners.

On this page you’ll find some of my favourite autumn recipes which come into their own between September and November. Enjoy them while you can!

The Autumn Archive

this Festive Beef Wellington is a great alternative to turkey at Christmas or Thanksgiving. Find the recipe on Supper in the Suburbs
Festive Beef Wellington
Give the turkey a rest this Christmas and cook this Festive Beef Wellington instead. It can easily be prepared in
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Seasonal Mushroom, Leek and Chestnut Parpadelle from Supper in the Suburbs
5 Delicious Dinners using Sensational Seasonal Veggies
Last month I hosted the #PastaPlease Challenge in conjunction with Jac at Tinned Tomatoes with a theme of seasonal veggies.
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Cheesey Pumpkin Dip #PumpkinRescue
Pinch, punch, first of the month and no returns! (If you have no idea what that’s all about then you
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Pumpkin Spice Blondies with White Chocolate Chunks from Supper in the Suburbs
Pumpkin Spice Blondies
Pumpkin Spice Blondies are a dense, fudgey brownie made with pumpkin purée, white chocolate and seasonal spices. Pumpkin purée –
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Seasonal Mushroom, Leek and Chestnut Parpadelle from Supper in the Suburbs
Mushroom, Leek and Chestnut Parpadelle – #PastaPlease
This Mushroom, Leek and Chestnut Parpadellle celebrates everything about seasonal produce in October.  This month I’ve been guest hosting the
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Pasta Please
Pasta Please Challenge for October: Seasonal Vegetables
I’m excited to share with you that Jacqueline from Tinned Tomatoes has asked me to guest host the Pasta Please challenge this
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Super Stuffed Marrow with Cheese Sauce from Supper in the Suburbs
Stuffed Marrow with Cheese Sauce
Stuffed Marrow with Cheese Sauce is a real family favourite. Find out why below. Updated! First posted in 2012, this
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Slow Cooked Caramelised Onions
Simple Slow Cooker Caramelised Onions
One of the things that annoys me most when reading recipes is the suggestion that onions can be caramelised in
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Mushroom and Lentil Salad from Supper in the Suburbs
Portobello Mushroom and Lentil Salad with Lemon Dressing
Mushroom and Lentil Salad a sophisticated salad full of refined flavours, delicious served as a side dish or as a
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Peanut Soup recipe at Supper in the Suburbs
Quick and Easy Peanut Soup
Since I posted my meal plan earlier this week there has been a lot of excitement about the Peanut Soup
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